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How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

Our Tennis Canberra team is determined to ride out this pandemic. From battling smoke, hail and rain it feels like we’ve been “down a break” before the year even started.

Our coaches could just laugh during the hail storm, while watching our cars get destroyed. We could just ask ourselves what was coming next? An earthquake was my guess…  A pandemic was not even a thought at the time but watching COVID-19 shutdown our business in a space of 3 days. It left us feeling empty, stressed and confused.  It was the silent storm that took the country off-guard.

For most our current Tennis Canberra coaches the goal is to return to the community we love but we face some obstacles ahead.  Restarting our programs will not be like pressing the unpause button.  We will need to re-energise, restructure and rebuild our humble community from the bottom-up.

Over the last week our team has been overwhelmed with messages of support.  Your love is enough to give us the motivation to continue the daily grind.  Like Rafa, Ash Barty and Lleyton Hewitt we are going to take inspiration from them to work even harder during the toughest of times.


Cashflow is the major factor in the Tennis Canberra  fallout from COVID-19.  We are hoping we can limit the structural and financial losses.  As mentioned in previous updates, a couple of our coaches are not eligible for Government assistance as they are on a Temporary Visa (we really hope this rule changes but we are not holding our breath). For this reason, our team has decided looking after Coaches Pedro & Sam as our top priority as they are the future of Tennis Canberra.

We thank all those who have offered to donate funds or telling us to keep the remaining lessons that we haven’t completed.  As much as we may need these breaks we believe that if you have paid for our services we will  follow-through and complete these remaining sessions in due time.  Just be ready to hit the courts when we have the green-light. We love what we do an no money will change our passion for coaching a sport we love.

The best way to help our team is to support the “Tennis Canberra services” listed below or Pre-purchase a 2020 Spring Coaching Season Package.

Junior Program - ACT - Toddler Tennis Canberra - ACT - Kids


  • Start Date: August 24 – December 20th
  • 15-week season
  • Junior & Adult Coaching Groups
  • Walk-To-Tennis: After-school Pick Up Program Available (Selected Schools)

Not only will this help manage cashflow during the shut down it will help us plan to make a seamless transition back on to the court.

We sincerely thank you for your support and will work extremely hard to run even better lessons when we get the green light.

Most of the sessions listed in the 2020 SPRING Season have a high chance of going ahead however, it is subject to change pending on the COVID-19 fluid situation.

Private Lesson – One-on-one Personal Training

At this present time one-on-one Private Lessons are the only on court service we can run.  We are hoping that this service can help those who use tennis to increase their physical, mental and emotional health.  These sessions will be under strict COVID-19 guidelines and will be offered in-line with Tennis Australia’s advice.

  • 1-hour Private Lessons – $80
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x2 a week) – $70
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x3 a week) – $60

  • 1-hour Two Player Split Private (30 mins each) – $80 ($40 each)
  • 1.5-hour Two Player Split Private (45 mins each) – $110 ($55 each)



Due to the fact our coaches are off court we have a lot of time to service your racquet.  Our restringing service includes – restring, re-grip, racquet clean plus *PICK UP & DROP OFF to your Canberra home

Racquets & Home Sporting Equipment

Need a new racquet to hit against the wall? Or do you need a mini court set up. We sell sporting equipment for you to stay fit. *We can arrange drop off to your door!

*We ask to leave a google review, send a photo for our social media or upload a photo enjoying thanking your Tennis Canberra coach. This service will only be available during the on-court COVID-19 shutdown.


New decade, new beginnings.  With a fresh new logo launched early in the year we knew 2020 was going to be one to remember.  We’ve always wanted to do this but never had the time but we want all our players to wear Tennis Canberra on their heart.

We are in the process of designing a special 2020 players shirt.  It will take inspiration from the events from 2020 and the new life Tennis Canberra will have once we return to the courts later in the year.

More information to come…

2020 New Tennis Canberra Sessions: More Tennis Options

2020 New Tennis Canberra Sessions: More Tennis Options

2020 New Tennis Canberra Sessions: More Tennis Options

Every year our Canberra tennis community grows.  For this reason the Tennis Canberra coaches want to do more to make sure those playing with us get every chance to play tennis even if their circumstances change – we’ve added NEW session to our busy timetable.

We understand that some sessions from last year may change but we do our best to continue to same sessions every year.

Below are the sessions new to the 2020 Summer Weekly Coaching Timetable


Majura Tennis Club (Dickson)

  • 5pm & 6pm Junior (Level 5)
  • 6pm Junior Squad (Level 6)
  • 6pm Adult Skills (Beginner)
  • 7pm Adult Skills (Starter)

Monday Venues:  Majura Tennis Club (Dickson) & Old Parliament House Tennis Club


Majura Tennis Club (Dickson)

  • 3pm Walk-To-Tennis: After School Program @ North Ainslie Primary School
  • 4pm Juniors (Level 2 & 3)
  • 5pm Juniors (Level 3 & 4)
  • 6pm Adult Skills (Beginner)

Turner Tennis Club

  • 6pm Cardio Tennis & Adult Skills (Starter)
  • 7pm Adult Skills (Beginner)

Tuesday Venues: Majura Tennis Club (Dickson), Old Parliament House & Turner Tennis Club


Barton Tennis Club

  • 6pm Adult Skills (Starter) & Cardio Tennis
  • 7pm Adult Skills (Beginner & Intermediate)

Wednesday Venues: Barton Tennis Club


Reid Tennis Club

  • 5:30pm Adult Skills (Starter)
  • 6:30 pm Adult Skills (Beginner)

Thursday Venues: Majura Tennis Club (Dickson), Reid Tennis Club & Old Parliament House Tennis Club


Wesley Tennis Club (adj. Telopea Park School)

  • 5pm Junior (Level 4)

Friday Venues: Wesley Tennis Club (Telopea) & Erindale Active Leisure Centre (Tuggeranong)


Old Parliament House Tennis Club

  • 9am Cardio Tennis

Saturday Venues: Majura Tennis Club (Dickson) & Old Parliament House Tennis Club

Thanks to our Kiwi Tennis Coach Tom Sizeland

ACT Tennis Coach - ANU Medicine

Thanks to our Kiwi Tennis Coach Tom Sizeland

Thanks to our Kiwi Tennis Coach Tom Sizeland

The Tennis Canberra community is extremely lucky to have many coaches and we appreciate both – coaches who work 8 hours a day and coaches that help out when we need them.  Tom Sizeland was inducted into the Tennis Canberra coaching team this year and we were lucky to have him.

From a junior Kiwi tennis player to a recent US College Tennis Graduate, Tom is down in Canberra studying to become a doctor at the Australian National University.  Tom is currently preparing to take on the medical exams for the next 6 weeks, which means that he will not be on court coaching for the rest of 2018.  We do wish him all the best and, hopefully, with these tough exams out of the way he will be back in action in 2019.


Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

CBR Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

It’s official – Australia has got tennis fever. With the Open kicking off in Melbourne this week, fans across the nation are rallying behind born and bred Canberran, Nick Kyrgios, as he stakes his claim to the title… Full article click here

Credit: Brand Canberra


Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

We have seen it all and the Australian Open hasn’t even started.  Huge win by our Canberra boy Nick Kyrgios in the Brisbane International.  Ash Barty showed why she considered one of the top women players in the world (even with a two-year break from the sport), and how could forget about the Demon Alex Di Minaur.  What an incredible two week for the youngster making the semis in Brisbane and the final in Sydney.

With a successful Pro Tour in Canberra and upcoming Federation Cup tie also around the corner tennis courts will be filled with new players eager to give tennis a crack.

To make it easy for you I’ve listed a handful of playing options that will suit anyones situation.  Give tennis a go this summer and

Kids Holiday Camps

  • Jan 22-24
  • Jan 29-31

Venue: Old Parliament House Tennis Club Click Here For More Information

Adult Summer Sessions (Coaching & BBQ)

Look out for a FREE Tennis Coaching Sessions. There are always session popping up for both kids and adults.  These sessions are great to give tennis a go and to help you choose which program you fit in before signing up for a season coaching program.

For more information visit

The Tennis Canberra Coaching Season starts the week of February 5th. With over 50 scheduled sessions during the week over 7 venues, there will be a program for everyone.

For program information:

Tennis Canberra Club will be hosting Club Open Days.  This will see FREE coaching, open courts for the public and you get to meet the teams behind each tennis club.

Find the next Open Day Click Here

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

Tennis Canberra

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

11903913_883452265076755_63423636873068596_nThe Summer of Tennis is around the corner and our team cannot wait to get out in the Sun for another term of coaching. Although there are many tennis academies around town we invite you to an environment that gives you an experience both on and off the court. Three-proud-years and Tennis Canberra is going from strength-to-strength. Apart from a coaching team that has both experience and credibility we do not limit our talents to the tennis court. As people and social beings we understand that our simple sport can be much bigger in a community-sense.

14368695_1116106181811361_1014145601209572017_nWe respect our fellow colleagues in the tennis industry and we know how hard it is to be a tennis coach however to their credit our humble coaches and extended tennis family have “bought in” and created a culture like no other.

It is a social club that have seen so many friendships transpire. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior or an adult playing for the first time, our welcoming environment and inclusion is the reason we’ve had success.

13925602_1080116275410352_1346104481882941886_oFrom weekly after tennis dinners, morning coffee club to community events we attend to help out our fellow man/woman we leave no stone un-turned. But don’t take my word for it come visit us, or even better participate in a lesson and join the incredible people we coach every week as them ask why Tennis Canberra is unlike any other tennis academy or club in Australia.

Click Here to Register for Term 4, 2016 Sping Coaching

The Tennis CBR Family Supporting their Coaches at a local Tennis Tournament – Biggest Crowd and by far the loudest supporters in the ACT
Catching up with some friends (and pro-tennis players) we grew up playing tennis with at the Aussie Open – Make friends for life!
Some of the Tennis CBR Coaches spending time off the court and enjoying each others company in Japan! We support each other on and off the court, it was great to see James (left) compete in the Osaka Triathlon!
Our Tennis Family attending the Annual Tennis ACT Awards. We are proud to attend these awards ever year and represent a chosen charity.


A word from Robbie Manzano: I’m humbled by the your support, generosity and friendship

A word from Robbie Manzano: I’m humbled by the your support, generosity and friendship

A word from Robbie Manzano: I’m humbled by the your support, generosity and friendship

First hit for 2015 – What a year it has been!

I have never been so humbled in my entire life. The support my team and I have had over the last couple of years have been overwhelming. Tennis Canberra has not just been an exciting tennis academy growing by the day but a community that is built on support, generosity and friendship. Personally coming to tennis has helped me get through a tough part my life with the Tennis Canberra Family helping our coaches and friends when in need. I’m so proud of every member of our tennis community and I would like to thank each and everyone for the love that you’ve shown us. With Christmas hours away and 2016 around to corner I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Us coaches are taking time off court during the Christmas and New Years break but will be back for our January Summer Session. I have the best team in the world and I know how hard we’ve worked this year – 2016 you better be ready!

2015 – A year of support, generosity and friendship


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Beyond the Court with Robbie Manzano

Give tennis a go – Free Trial Week: September 21st – 27th

Give tennis a go – Free Trial Week: September 21st – 27th

Give tennis a go – Free Trial Week: September 21st – 27th

Untitled-2Happy Spring! The sun is out, the flower are in bloom and a stroll to the local courts becomes the norm. We welcome the new players to join us for a free tennis week in preparation for a exciting term 4. For all those already registered for next term you can use this opportunity to meet the team, dust out any winter cobwebs and ask us any questions. Those thinking about playing this summer this opportunity will give you a taste of the summer of tennis at Tennis Canberra.

The coaches are going to use this time to give advice on which session you or your child should participate in and help us organise our classes for term 4. Below is all the information you need however if you have any question please email us or give us a call.

  • What: Attend a trial group adult or junior tennis class in week 10 of Term 3.
  • When: Monday 21st of September – 27th of September (For times see the term timetable)
  • Who: Adult or junior players that want to play tennis or players who want to give tennis a go. We have sessions for beginners to competition players.
  • Where: We run programs at the following venues – Barton Tennis Club, Majura Tennis Club (Dickson), Reid Tennis Club and the Old Parliament House Gardens (Parkes). Please visit the term timetable to see the most convenient session that suits you.
  • Booking: Please fill out the online booking form Be sure to let us know you want to attend the free tennis week in the additional notes section
  • Contact: Email or call us on 0423 366 014


Happy 2nd Birthday Tennis Canberra – It’s been a roller-coaster!

Happy 2nd Birthday Tennis Canberra – It’s been a roller-coaster!

Happy 2nd Birthday Tennis Canberra – It’s been a roller-coaster!

On behalf of our team I want to thank everyone that attended Tennis Canberra’s 2nd birthday celebrations. It’s been one hell of a ride and we can officially say that we’re not going anywhere any time soon. Running a new business isn’t easy and the stresses of turning a passion to a sustainable lifestyle can sometimes put a downer on what you love to do. Saying that we’ve struck lucky and every player, volunteer and staff member has only added the the positive community environment I set out to build. Our story is short however eventful to say the least and already looking forward to the future of Tennis Canberra.



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