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Tennis Kids Holiday Camps & Adult Social Doubles to make a return

Tennis Kids Holiday Camps & Adult Social Doubles to make a return

Tennis Kids Holiday Camps & Adult Social Doubles to make a return

We are still transitioning back to tennis and every week we can give the green light to a suspended program.  Just a reminder that not every program has restarted due to COVID related restrictions, coaches still making their return and club policies.  We continue to work with all our clubs and Tennis ACT affiliations so our restart is as smooth and as safe as can be.

KIDS HOLIDAY CAMPS & ADULT SOCIAL DOUBLES are the latest programs to be added back to the Tennis Canberra schedule.  Please see the information below!

 – CAMP #1 – July 6-8th (Monday to Wednesday) – Almost full
 – CAMP #2 – July 15-17th (Wednesday to Friday)
Full Day (9-5pm) & Half Day (9-1pm) Options Available (Drop-off 8:30-9:15am)
 – When: August 18th (South Canberra) & 19th (North Canberra) – 6 Round Competition
 – Times: 6pm, 7pm or 8pm starts
 – Sign Up Closes August 1st but please sign up ASAP as we are currently working on the draw
  • South Canberra Comp: Tuesday @ Old Parliament House & Barton Tennis Club
  • North Canberra Comp: Wednesday @ Turner & Reid Tennis Club
Note: Summer Comp Players – You will receive credit for the remaining matches you did not complete in the Summer Competition

The Return – Opting in for the 2020 Autumn Season

The Return – Opting in for the 2020 Autumn Season

The Return – Opting in for the 2020 Autumn Season

Tennis Canberra players we are happy to announce tennis is slowly making its return and we cannot wait to welcome you back on court.  We thank everyone for their support over the last 5 months as COVID19 was the crescendo of bad luck. We have only just recovered from the smoke and hail earlier in 2020.

The hard work is not over and the transition on court will have teething issues. COVID19 has taken a hit on our team but we will work hard for the rest of the year to bring some positive energy back in our humble community.

Starting MONDAY MAY 25th small group lessons will take place with limited numbers.  Please read the information below and how to opt-in to use your credits in the Autumn Season.

Support Tennis Canberra and order your playing Hoodie & Shirt.  Web-store closes May 31st



  2. Email

Information needed in E-mail: Examples (in Blue)

  • Full Contact Name: Roger Federer
  • Full Contact Players Names (Kids): Myla Rose Federer
  • Program Name: Day & Time registered Pre-Shutdown: Tuesday 4pm Level 2 @ Old Parliament House Tennis Club

Using the 2020 Autumn Timetable please add to the e-mail:

Return Session Preferences & Opting in option:

  • First preference (on return): Tuesday 4pm Junior Level 2 @ Yarralumla Tennis Club
  • Second preference (on return): Thursday 4pm Junior Level 2 @ Old Parliament House
  • Third preference (on return): Saturday 10:30am Junior Level 2 @ Old Parliament House
  • Opting-in Option 1: Use remaining credit only
  • Opting-in Option 2: Use credit plus invoice me for the rest of the 2020 Autumn Season (finishes August 23rd)

Can we please opt-in for Option 2:  Use credits plus invoice me for the rest of the 2020 Autumn Season.

Our team will return an e-mail confirming one of your preferences. Please note that initially our class sizes will be small.  As further restrictions lift we can start moving players around if a certain day/time/venue suits better.

Important note for WALK-TO-TENNIS: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM – Due to clubhouses remaining closed access to the bathroom is limited.  For this reason we cannot run our WALK-TO-TENNIS: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS until clubhouses may open.  We welcome these players to join a junior program.

Insight into Tennis Canberra at present…

We are hoping all our players understand there is still many restrictions in place and barriers that we need to overcome.  Getting to where our academy was at Pre-Covid will take up to 24 months.  As there is a limit to the capacity we do ask players and parents to be as flexible as they can in regards to scheduling.

We are forecasting every single month of 2020 will see more options open up.  We will do our very best to make sure this information is passed on as this may help you scheduling your busy week.

Biggest changes post COVID-19 – Loss of coaches…

As you know our tennis coaches are a big factor in the number of sessions we can run and due to COVID-19 half our team have gone back to their home town and it is uncertain if they will return or when they will return.  Consequently, there will be some sessions that we will not be offered.

Not all clubs will open at the same time – limitations on service

As our coaches work with many tennis clubs around Canberra every club is their own entity and have their own situation.  We thank all our club volunteer committees for their hard work in they tough time.  Some class may allow us to restart lessons, some clubs may hold off lessons until further restrictions lift.

Competitions – Using Remaining Credits

Social Doubles & ACT Team Tennis

Due to the fact not all players are in Canberra, running the rest of the competition is almost impossible to co-ordinate.  The saving grace is that there was only 1 or 2 competition sessions left in the Summer Competition Season.  For this reason we are allowing players to use their credits for the following:

  • Old Parliament House Membership (if already a member you can use your credits for a friend to obtain a Membership).  Members can hire a court for FREE and play with other members
  • Use credits for the upcoming competition (competition dates will be announced once restriction levels allow larger gatherings)

Opt-in for a Old Parliament House Tennis Club Membership – E-mail expressing your interest to uptake a Old Parliament House Membership

Membership Options:

  • Adult Membership: $150 (not including credit)
  • Family Membership: $250 (not including credit)

For more information about member please CLICK HERE

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

Our Tennis Canberra team is determined to ride out this pandemic. From battling smoke, hail and rain it feels like we’ve been “down a break” before the year even started.

Our coaches could just laugh during the hail storm, while watching our cars get destroyed. We could just ask ourselves what was coming next? An earthquake was my guess…  A pandemic was not even a thought at the time but watching COVID-19 shutdown our business in a space of 3 days. It left us feeling empty, stressed and confused.  It was the silent storm that took the country off-guard.

For most our current Tennis Canberra coaches the goal is to return to the community we love but we face some obstacles ahead.  Restarting our programs will not be like pressing the unpause button.  We will need to re-energise, restructure and rebuild our humble community from the bottom-up.

Over the last week our team has been overwhelmed with messages of support.  Your love is enough to give us the motivation to continue the daily grind.  Like Rafa, Ash Barty and Lleyton Hewitt we are going to take inspiration from them to work even harder during the toughest of times.


Cashflow is the major factor in the Tennis Canberra  fallout from COVID-19.  We are hoping we can limit the structural and financial losses.  As mentioned in previous updates, a couple of our coaches are not eligible for Government assistance as they are on a Temporary Visa (we really hope this rule changes but we are not holding our breath). For this reason, our team has decided looking after Coaches Pedro & Sam as our top priority as they are the future of Tennis Canberra.

We thank all those who have offered to donate funds or telling us to keep the remaining lessons that we haven’t completed.  As much as we may need these breaks we believe that if you have paid for our services we will  follow-through and complete these remaining sessions in due time.  Just be ready to hit the courts when we have the green-light. We love what we do an no money will change our passion for coaching a sport we love.

The best way to help our team is to support the “Tennis Canberra services” listed below or Pre-purchase a 2020 Spring Coaching Season Package.

Junior Program - ACT - Toddler Tennis Canberra - ACT - Kids


  • Start Date: August 24 – December 20th
  • 15-week season
  • Junior & Adult Coaching Groups
  • Walk-To-Tennis: After-school Pick Up Program Available (Selected Schools)

Not only will this help manage cashflow during the shut down it will help us plan to make a seamless transition back on to the court.

We sincerely thank you for your support and will work extremely hard to run even better lessons when we get the green light.

Most of the sessions listed in the 2020 SPRING Season have a high chance of going ahead however, it is subject to change pending on the COVID-19 fluid situation.

Private Lesson – One-on-one Personal Training

At this present time one-on-one Private Lessons are the only on court service we can run.  We are hoping that this service can help those who use tennis to increase their physical, mental and emotional health.  These sessions will be under strict COVID-19 guidelines and will be offered in-line with Tennis Australia’s advice.

  • 1-hour Private Lessons – $80
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x2 a week) – $70
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x3 a week) – $60

  • 1-hour Two Player Split Private (30 mins each) – $80 ($40 each)
  • 1.5-hour Two Player Split Private (45 mins each) – $110 ($55 each)



Due to the fact our coaches are off court we have a lot of time to service your racquet.  Our restringing service includes – restring, re-grip, racquet clean plus *PICK UP & DROP OFF to your Canberra home

Racquets & Home Sporting Equipment

Need a new racquet to hit against the wall? Or do you need a mini court set up. We sell sporting equipment for you to stay fit. *We can arrange drop off to your door!

*We ask to leave a google review, send a photo for our social media or upload a photo enjoying thanking your Tennis Canberra coach. This service will only be available during the on-court COVID-19 shutdown.


New decade, new beginnings.  With a fresh new logo launched early in the year we knew 2020 was going to be one to remember.  We’ve always wanted to do this but never had the time but we want all our players to wear Tennis Canberra on their heart.

We are in the process of designing a special 2020 players shirt.  It will take inspiration from the events from 2020 and the new life Tennis Canberra will have once we return to the courts later in the year.

More information to come…

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

Hi Tennis Canberra Family,

With a major update from our Local and Federal Governments on Sunday March 22nd we want to be clear that the current status on Tennis Canberra programs will be fluid and can change on short notice.

Most Tennis Canberra Programs will continue for now. However, we will be adjusting some classes and competitions as some of our coaches are going back to their interstate residences before State boarders close.

We understand that everyone will have their own opinion on this matter but we will continue to comply with the measures currently put in place by our Federal and State Governments.

We encourage everyone to do what is best for them and their family and to please respect everyone’s personal decisions.

Tennis Australia has announced tennis is a low risk activity: it is outdoors, non-contact and  social distancing can be achieved.

Our goal while we are on court is to help people stay physically fit and emotionally healthy.  The Tennis Canberra team will put health first and understand if you do not feel comfortable with being on court at this present time do not stress  – we will place your program on hold and you can use this as credit when you are ready to return,

Please read all the program information and points as they will be relevant to you.

Group Lessons – Adults & Junior Lessons

  • Reducing the number of players in each class to 4-6 per coach (transitional period March 23-29th)
  • Additional classes will be held to achieve this ratio plus help us rearrange classes as 2 of our coaches have gone back to their interstate homes to be with family before the state boarders close.

Tuesday & Wednesday Social Doubles & Social Singles


HOLIDAY PROGRAM – April 6-9th (Week 1) & April 14-17th (Week 2)

  • Tennis Canberra plans to hold our April Camps, adding an additional day to both programs
  • Small groups (6-8 players) will be applied both on and off court
  • Limited spots available CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SPOT

SCHOOL PICK UP PROGRAM – More information to come

  • Monday March 23 North Ainslie Walk will go ahead as planned (e-mail has been sent – reply if your kid is not attending)
  • Walks on and after Tuesday March 24th is pending the final announcement on optional attendance of school for the rest of the term (stay tuned as our local and federal government as different messages at present)

2020 Summer of Tennis – ACT – Coaching & Competitions

2020 Summer of Tennis – ACT – Coaching & Competitions

2020 Summer of Tennis – ACT – Coaching & Competitions

Welcome to everything tennis in Canberra and the 2020 Summer of tennis.  Tennis Canberra has a variety of tennis programs to get you on the court. Whether you are an experienced player or picking up the racquet for the first time we welcome you back to the court for another season.

First time players, juniors or players returning to tennis there are many beginner and intermediate tennis programs options for you to choose from. Wanting to play matches? Join a Junior or Adult Competition

See the tennis coaching programs and competitions below and click the buttons for more information.

Kids Holiday Tennis Camps (January 20-31st)

Canberra Tennis Kid Camp - Highest Participated

Weekly Coaching Packages – Summer Season

Juniors ages 4-18 of all abilities can join a junior group and selected schools have a Walk-To-Tennis After School Option to help parents get their kids to their weekly lesson.

Adults have the choice of starter to advance skills sessions or to really get you moving Cardio Tennis is a great option for fitness.

Junior Coaching Summer Packages (Starts February 3rd)

Tennis Canberra Juniors

Adult Social Skills & Cardio Tennis (Starts February 3rd)

Competitions & Tennis Leagues

Have a bit of a competitive bone in your body? Why not join ACT’s Adults Social Doubles Competition? Juniors have the choice of joining Hot Shots Match Play events or those who playing regular competition ACT Junior Team Tennis is back for another season.

Adult Social Doubles Competition (Starts February 12th & 13th)

Old Parliament House Tennis Club Membership (Early Bird Special)

Challenge your friends or practice with your family.  Becoming a member of the Old Parliament House Tennis Club will allow you to access the courts to hit with other members for FREE!  Early Bird Memberships end January 31st.

Fast4 Tennis – ACT

Canberra - Fast4 Tennis - ACT

Fast4 Tennis – ACT

Fast4 Tennis – ACT

Tennis Canberra is runs a number of ACT Fast4 Social Leagues. Fast4 Tennis is fast and fun.  The sports shorter format has given opportunities for players to enjoy friendly competition without having to spend hours on the court. It is the perfect introduction for beginner players and it helps developing players improve their mental game as they have to play a higher number of critical points.

Why Play Fast4 Tennis?

  • You don’t need to spend 3+ hours to complete a match
  • Parents are able to experience mid-week competition and juggle the busy family schedule
  • Great introductions for beginner players
  • Players face a high percentage of critical points
  • Great for players who have sustained past injuries by restricting their time off court
  • Frantic, fast & fun
Fast4 Tennis Canberra - ACT
Canberra - Fast4 Tennis - ACT

ACT Junior Team Tennis – A Capital Game Changer

ACT Junior Team Tennis – A Capital Game Changer

ACT Junior Team Tennis – A Capital Game Changer

There is nothing better than playing in a team and ACT Junior Team Tennis a real game changer in the Territory.  Tennis is perceived as a individual or partnered sport, but even today professionals tennis players cherish the moments when they get an oppourtunity to play in a team environment.

Just watch any Federation or Davis Cup, and recently added Laver Cup (Team Europe vs. Team World) or International Tennis Premier League (ITPL) and understand that nothing beats playing in a team.

Introducing a team format to juniors causes some complications as there are a variety or skill differences, friendship considerations and a balance on competition-learning outcomes.  This leads to frustration for the player, parent and coaches.

This is where Junior Team Tennis comes in.  A format that encourages high level competition for seasoned and older junior players, plus inviting new players to competition, whilst keeping them all in one team.

Credit: Tennis Tour Talk
TEAM TENNIS ACT - South Canberra - North Canberra - Canberra City - Canberra Valley
Canberra Junior Team Tennis ACT - Competitions - Juniors
Canberra Team Tennis - South Canberra - Champions

Junior Tennis Team’s are made up of a variety of abilities & ages, however, all players match up against players around their standard.  This allows:

  • Siblings to play in the same team – single trips for parents
  • Friends to play in the same team – makes competition more enjoyable
  • Chances to build many more friendships
  • Experience playing at different venues
  • Get a competition environment with the support of team mates
  • Tennis Coach Supervisors to take notes and create lesson plans depending on the outcomes

The improvement from all our players is evident each week.  With designated training weeks and a fun game week at the start and end of each season players really get to interact with players not just in their team but all the players in the competition.  This is Canberra’s first interactive weekly competition and with the popularity, social and physical benefits Junior Team Tennis will remain see many juniors use this competition as a launch pad for their future development.

ACT Junior Team Tennis 

Canberra Kids Tennis Team - ACT

For more information or to sign up for an ACT Junior Tennis Team visit the Team Tennis Page by clicking the button below.

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

CBR Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

It’s official – Australia has got tennis fever. With the Open kicking off in Melbourne this week, fans across the nation are rallying behind born and bred Canberran, Nick Kyrgios, as he stakes his claim to the title… Full article click here

Credit: Brand Canberra


Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

Where to play tennis? Your 2018 Summer Guide – ACT

We have seen it all and the Australian Open hasn’t even started.  Huge win by our Canberra boy Nick Kyrgios in the Brisbane International.  Ash Barty showed why she considered one of the top women players in the world (even with a two-year break from the sport), and how could forget about the Demon Alex Di Minaur.  What an incredible two week for the youngster making the semis in Brisbane and the final in Sydney.

With a successful Pro Tour in Canberra and upcoming Federation Cup tie also around the corner tennis courts will be filled with new players eager to give tennis a crack.

To make it easy for you I’ve listed a handful of playing options that will suit anyones situation.  Give tennis a go this summer and

Kids Holiday Camps

  • Jan 22-24
  • Jan 29-31

Venue: Old Parliament House Tennis Club Click Here For More Information

Adult Summer Sessions (Coaching & BBQ)

Look out for a FREE Tennis Coaching Sessions. There are always session popping up for both kids and adults.  These sessions are great to give tennis a go and to help you choose which program you fit in before signing up for a season coaching program.

For more information visit

The Tennis Canberra Coaching Season starts the week of February 5th. With over 50 scheduled sessions during the week over 7 venues, there will be a program for everyone.

For program information:

Tennis Canberra Club will be hosting Club Open Days.  This will see FREE coaching, open courts for the public and you get to meet the teams behind each tennis club.

Find the next Open Day Click Here

The Canberra 2018 Summer Of Tennis – ACT Events

CBR Canberra

The Canberra 2018 Summer Of Tennis – ACT Events

The Canberra 2018 Summer Of Tennis – ACT Events

I’d like to official welcome everyone to the 2018 Summer Of Tennis.  With tennis fever about to hit I’ve listed tennis a couple of tennis events hitting Canberra in January and February.

With the annual East Hotel Canberra Challenger launching the Canberra Pro Tour Season head on down to Lyneham to watch former top 20 players and support our local boys.  February will see Canberra host to Federation Cup.  Ukraine will be led by World No. 6 Elina Svitolina so we need big local support to get our Aussie girls over the line.


East Hotel Canberra Challenge, Canberra, Lyneham

  • When: January 6th – 13th
  • Cost: Gold Coin Donation
  • More information: Click Here

Federation Cup – Australia Vs Ukraine – Canberra, Lyneham

  • When: February 10th & 11th
  • Cost: Tickets Click Here

Australian Open – Heading down to Melbourne?

Every year our coaches head down to the Australian Open with some Tennis Canberra players.  We have an open group through Facebook where we coordinate social outings and matches if you happen to be at Melbourne Park. Join the Tennis Australian Open 2018 Group via our Facebook Event.