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2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

You are one of the lucky ones to purchase a Kristen and Nige’s 2020 Show-bag  at the 2020 Royal Canberra Show. 

Tennis Canberra donated 1000 FREE tennis sessions with all show-bag proceeds going towards the Give Me 5 for Kids Foundation. We hope this helps!

Please activate your voucher and  book in a session by clicking the button below.

Your Give me 5 for kids tennis voucher is valid for the following sessions

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  • Cardio Tennis

Mini Sports Sessions: Multi-sports

  • Ages (2-4 years)

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ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

Canberra Tennis Coach - ACT - Telopea Park Primary

ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

Telopea Park School became first ACT school to win the Todd Woodbridge Cup at Sydney Olympic Park on Monday.

Telopea Park won the ACT finals in September to face 19 regional-winning schools from across NSW and swept their pool before taking down St Patrick’s Albury in the final.

Tennis Canberra Coach Robbie Manzano and his team had trained the school for five months before the event.

For the full story Click Here


Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

CBR Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

It’s official – Australia has got tennis fever. With the Open kicking off in Melbourne this week, fans across the nation are rallying behind born and bred Canberran, Nick Kyrgios, as he stakes his claim to the title… Full article click here

Credit: Brand Canberra


Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Tennis Canberra

Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Friday 2:28pm – Saturday December 2nd is scheduled to rain.  Unfortunately this is the day of our Christmas Party.  We are going to give it every chance to go ahead however if we cancel due to wet weather you will need to check this link.

If we do cancel we still want to celebrate and will host a Summer Party in January or early February as we still want to say thank you to everyone in the Tennis Canberra family.

For now lets cross our fingers and toes and hope that the weather holds off.

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Robbie Manzano

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Finishing off the 2016 with a BANG with a very Xmas Holiday Tennis Club. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. See you on the court in 2017.

“Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success”
It’s hard to pin point why this year was so successful. Twenty-sixteen was a break out year for everyone at Tennis Canberra. From our development juniors to the maturation of our coaches, the academy has really come to life. Everything good stems down to one thing and one thing only… And that’s just love.

Every challenge, every problem and every issue was dealt with a lot of heart and passion. We are not perfect and there are many things that went wrong however when you look at things from a number of perspectives and take the time to process things the answers become clear. Consequently a potential messy situation becomes a learning opportunity for all involved.


Everyone loved James and he will be missed at Tennis CBR! Myles has been with us almost from the start and I can’t thank him enough for the support over the last couple of years!

Good coaches are hard to find…

From Avi who manages our core hours, to Jono who takes charge of our Monday evenings and Fionn who wakes up early on a Saturday to keep the energy up to finish the week, we are blessed to have the experience we have. Those in the tennis industry know the value of a good coach and having a network that helps us out when needed has given us the opportunity to run programs at 5 tennis clubs, visit over 10 schools and given me the chance to help out Tennis ACT and fellow head coaches. Our casual coaches and friends are just as important.

My boys! Cheers Jake for the help in Term 3 and Avi you know how important you are for the growth of tennis not just in Canberra but the entire state! We’ve got a couple big years ahead and blessed to have you on board!

Massive thanks to the Wynan bro’s, Big Scott, Sam, Jess & Alex. Without you guys our core coaches would not be able to take time off during the year and work on larger scale projects. The biggest thanks this year goes to Myles and James. In a recent blog I’ve explained how James has impacted Tennis Canberra for the better and I want to thank him one last time. Aside from my brother, Myles was the first coach that has helped me. He’s seen the academy grow and how it stands today. He’s professionalism is second-to-none and has given me the comfort to push for growth.


ACT Super 10’s is an event we get involved in! Bit of a bonus this year with a victory to Team Manzano!

I’m no business man but I love learning…

When I launched Tennis Canberra I had no idea what to do and how things work. I just knew that if I had a good product and do it with heart people will join. I was 100% right however with growth comes expectations and managing multiple arms of the business is all new to me. Making sure our coaches continue to improve, looking after our players that have been with us from the start whilst integrating those new to the game is not as easy as “A-C-B or 1-2-3” (let’s see if you can read between the lines). Decisions need to be made not daily but by the hour and having the “that that’s just the way it is” mentally has really helped when things haven’t gone our way (and yes like all business there have been some disappointments in 2016).


First hit of 2016 and we’ve come along way. Time fly’s when you are having fun and this year could not have ended sooner… Where did all that time go?

“Happiness is really the key to success”

The show must go on and looking back at what we’ve accomplished should be celebrated. A well deserve rest is needed to process how lucky we really are because we really enjoy what we are doing. We are proud of each and everyone we interact with as success is not seen in the 100km down-the-line forehand or the 300 revaluation out-wide kick-serve (although that’s pretty cool) but seen in the way we work together to become better people. I always tell my developing juniors “learn how to learn and respect those that want to help you and I bet you will be successful”

Roses with the lone thorn! I don’t shy when I say my Wednesday 9:30am ladies are my favourite class. I’ve had these guys from the start with new players come and players unfortunately moving on. This year we say good by the Netra and her family and we wish them the best of luck in Sydney.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

On that note, I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years Break especially those who are traveling. We will be back Monday the 16th of January for a Aussie Open Junior Holiday Camp and back for Term 1 Coaching on the 30th of January. We’ve had players already sign up for our Summer Sessions check them out and be ready when tennis fever hits in 2017.


Success! We didn’t win this award directly but we surely deserve some recognition. 2016 saw Tennis Canberra introduce tennis in the Canberra Grammar School Core Sports Program which went to win the Tennis ACT School of the Year!

Summer Sessions & Term 1 Registrations (Sign Up Now)
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More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

Tennis Canberra

More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

15317907_837970603009856_7852074787434270350_nHold on to good coaches they say… I’m happy to let them go!

Good coaches are hard to find especially in the Canberra Tennis industry. It’s just not true when people say “anyone can coach tennis”. There are certain aspects a coach must have when training players of all ages and abilities. Experience, passion and patience are three important traits one must have to be successful in this industry. James Thorp has all this plus a whole lot more. With his move to Sydney in 2017 Tennis Canberra will surely miss what James brought to the table.

Before I give James all the praise I can give I want to give you a background on why I’m so proud of our tennis family and the respect we have for each others success.


img_1126Risk it for the biscuit!

Before Tennis Canberra came to life I was in a similar situation to James. I was restless and ready to take risks with my passions and dreams. This energy was built up so much it actually turned to frustration eventually turning into a feeling of spite towards those around me.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the blessing or support to move forward from those who groomed me. This tore friendships and left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt sorry for those around me as I wasn’t the same person I am now.

As a major decision maker (I’m no boss) of Tennis Canberra I knew there would be times where I would have to face similar challenges and I thank my lucky stars I experienced what I did so I would feel joy rather than resentment as I knew how to handle to situation.



James came to me a couple weeks ago with his plan to head to Sydney in 2017. He added that he did not want to leave me short-handed for the busiest time of the year and wanted to coach for the first term of 2017. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I didn’t care he wanted to leave but the respect to even consider staying on-board during peak season to make our lives easier shows the person he is.

A smile came to my face because I felt the same energy when I was ready to roll back in the day. I alerted Avi a week later keeping things quiet and professional. I remember it clear as day and mention “I bet James will leave sooner that later, so lets start preparing”.

One day later, James asked me “if it’s possible, I would love to go to Sydney in the new years”. With a rye smile I said “of course and if you need anything in the meantime we’ll sort you out”.


15540571_10154044144392513_787096951_oWe were lucky to have a true professional…

James was important for the growth of Tennis Canberra in 2016 and those that coached under him had nothing but praise. He was a true professional and didn’t shy from letting me know what he felt. His emotional intelligence is high and his thirst for knowledge and self-improvement is something to admire. You may interpret these characteristics as a clash for those a little more relax but I thought it complimented the way our team ran and be are better off for 2017 because of him.


13592202_750154481791469_7574669118081834755_nOn behalf of everyone at Tennis Canberra I would like to thank you for your service and help over the past year. Personally watching you compete in the Osaka Triathlon was an experience I’ll never forget. You are a true professional and your attention to detail will take you beyond your own expectations. Make us proud man and be sure to visit all those you coached when you come back to the Nations Capital… because at the end of the day we’re #InItTogether.

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

Tennis Canberra

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

11903913_883452265076755_63423636873068596_nThe Summer of Tennis is around the corner and our team cannot wait to get out in the Sun for another term of coaching. Although there are many tennis academies around town we invite you to an environment that gives you an experience both on and off the court. Three-proud-years and Tennis Canberra is going from strength-to-strength. Apart from a coaching team that has both experience and credibility we do not limit our talents to the tennis court. As people and social beings we understand that our simple sport can be much bigger in a community-sense.

14368695_1116106181811361_1014145601209572017_nWe respect our fellow colleagues in the tennis industry and we know how hard it is to be a tennis coach however to their credit our humble coaches and extended tennis family have “bought in” and created a culture like no other.

It is a social club that have seen so many friendships transpire. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior or an adult playing for the first time, our welcoming environment and inclusion is the reason we’ve had success.

13925602_1080116275410352_1346104481882941886_oFrom weekly after tennis dinners, morning coffee club to community events we attend to help out our fellow man/woman we leave no stone un-turned. But don’t take my word for it come visit us, or even better participate in a lesson and join the incredible people we coach every week as them ask why Tennis Canberra is unlike any other tennis academy or club in Australia.

Click Here to Register for Term 4, 2016 Sping Coaching

The Tennis CBR Family Supporting their Coaches at a local Tennis Tournament – Biggest Crowd and by far the loudest supporters in the ACT
Catching up with some friends (and pro-tennis players) we grew up playing tennis with at the Aussie Open – Make friends for life!
Some of the Tennis CBR Coaches spending time off the court and enjoying each others company in Japan! We support each other on and off the court, it was great to see James (left) compete in the Osaka Triathlon!
Our Tennis Family attending the Annual Tennis ACT Awards. We are proud to attend these awards ever year and represent a chosen charity.


More Than Tennis – Serving up a life of love: James Thorp

Tennis Canberra

More Than Tennis – Serving up a life of love: James Thorp

More Than Tennis – Serving up a life of love: James Thorp

Orlando__328To say tennis has been an important part of my life would be an understatement. The image of running to the tennis courts every lunchtime as a fresh faced grade seven student in the hopes of somehow giving myself a chance of getting a coveted spot on one of our two courts is forever etched into my mind. At the time I never could have imagined the places tennis would take me.

I quickly began playing tournaments outside of Canberra and my passions in life became evident. In the beginning it was local and regional tournaments but before long I was traveling around Australia and New Zealand playing national and junior tour tournaments while building friendships that I still have to this day.

As high school graduation approached it became evident that my dreams of playing on the senior tour were not going to happen and it was time to pursue other options. My ever growing love of travel coupled with my will to be successful on the tennis court led me to the US to play college tennis. Packing my life into a suitcase and a tennis bag and traveling to the other side of the world to live for four years as an 18 year old felt like a dream at the time. I look back on it now with a sense of pride and smile at where the wind has blown me since then.

13866676_760231134117137_1817284880_nStarting my freshman year in college brought with it a mix of nerves and excitement and while I experienced my fair share of ups in college tennis, they didn’t come without first suffering the lows. My freshman year in college was by far the hardest year of my life. I went to the States expecting to be greeted by beautiful girls, endless parties and huge amounts of success on the tennis court and in the classroom. Although I managed to be extremely successful in my academics while attending my fair share of parties, the rest of my expectations were not met. Instead what I was met with were impossible training sessions, constant matches spent sitting on the bench and a whole lot of yelling from my coach. It was hell and I wanted out. I turned my priorities elsewhere and used my Australian accent to my advantage to land myself my first real girlfriend. I thought I was happy but the truth is I was digging myself into a hole. After putting on my freshman 15kg and being kicked off the team for apparently showing a lack of dedication and work ethic, the hole finally got too deep when I broke up with my girlfriend at the time. I had told myself that was it, I was booking my flights and coming home- it was a nice dream while it lasted but I quit. Sitting in chemistry the next morning my plans changed completely when I got a message from one of my good friends telling me I could transfer to his school and play under a coach that had seen me win a high level junior tournament in Tasmania the year before. I look back and laugh at how casually I picked up my books and walked out of the classroom and out of the school.

13664497_10153689176467513_660363110_nMy next three years were spent playing for South Dakota State University and although the weather was not entirely welcoming, my teammates and coaches were. My memories of South Dakota are some of the best I have. I earned a degree with a GPA I can be extremely proud of, won tennis matches I probably shouldn’t have and built relationships that I will have forever. My dreams of American college finally came to fruition. As my time at South Dakota came to an end I knew my playing days were over but I wasn’t done with tennis. I reached out to every single US College with a master’s program in exercise science and a tennis team in the hopes of being a graduate assistant coach. Thankfully my prayers were answered by head coach Tracy Mauntler at the University of Toledo.

The following two years were spent in Ohio as assistant coach to a division 1 women’s team. I was lucky enough to travel around the continental US and Puerto Rico attending coaching conventions and coaching and hitting with a team that ended up becoming quite successful. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity Tracy gave me and the doors that position has opened for me.

13592202_750154481791469_7574669118081834755_nUpon graduating from my master’s course in 2015 a series of events led me back to Canberra and eventually to Tennis Canberra. Having the opportunity to coach next to people I have been friends with for years is something I cherish. The last three terms working for Tennis Canberra have shown me what it means to be part of a community where people care. This became extremely evident having Myles and Robbie join me in Osaka at the start of July to support one of my triathlon races. Having their support and seeing their pride in my race was something I will never forget. I am not one to get too emotional but it was impossible for me to put my appreciation into words. As with anything there are times of frustration but I completely believe we are a family. These feelings were confirmed in Japan.

13269295_742017802605137_2032455636514407891_nI am excited to see my Tennis Canberra family out on court this term and hope to pass on some of the things I have learned along my journey. The topic of conversation when I speak to Robbie is often giving back. As term 3 commences I am determined to give back to a sport that has given me so much. A sport that is so wonderful that even without doing anything you’re surrounded by love.

More Than Tennis – Rocks n’ Diamonds: Robbie Manzano

More Than Tennis – Rocks n’ Diamonds: Robbie Manzano

More Than Tennis – Rocks n’ Diamonds: Robbie Manzano

10440654_890935870995061_1342120842885017269_n(1)Overwhelmed with the colourful people I interact with every single day I’m so blessed to be in a community that means more to me than you could possibly imagine. Tennis Canberra started from a tough time in my life and with a smile on the surface not many people knew the extent of suffering I went through during the darker times. I’m able to share my story now as I’m finally able to let go of past ties and move forward into something that I know is special to not just me but everyone involved.

Time for growth – I’ve been fired! (June 2013)
Coaching casually since I was 16 I’ve always had a job in the tennis industry. Helping out almost every coach in Canberra in my 20s I decided to dedicate my services to one tennis academy for over 5 years. With the realization I wasn’t going anywhere and the minimal learning opportunities at the time I started looking for something with good intentions of finishing my role at a club I helped build. My plans were leaked from people I trusted and within 24-hours I was fired by guys I thought I had more than a business relationship with. With more of an emotional punch in the face rather than a ‘I don’t know what to do mentally’ lesson one of business was handed down to me as I never wanted anyone to feel what I felt that day. You should always be good to those that help you. This is what I live by today and 4-weeks later Tennis Canberra was established – well Prestige Tennis Academy Canberra…

11885162_883452371743411_1216378797368537609_nSo many rules in business – Why can’t it be about the tennis? (2013/14)

From one, to two, to seven classes a week momentum started to grow. Past players heard about my venture and the snowball started to grow (mind you it was a very cold July in 2013). A dream start for a young yet experienced tennis coach – and yes just a tennis coach. Summer of 2013/14 I quickly found owning a tennis academy isn’t just being a good coach and delivering great sessions. There is the legal-side of things and many people get very particular with what you promote. With the attainment of our proud name Tennis Canberra on great business advice from my friend and website designer heads quickly turned and my second lesson in business was presented in front of me – Don’t be bullied by the bigger guys you are entitled to owning great ideas! This wasn’t a easy “ignore and move on situation”, this was one of the most stressful times of my life which lasted beyond half-a-year. It got to a stage I was considering giving up as I wanted to promote the game I love but I had a bigger body who was meant to help us out doing the complete opposite. This debacle was cleared up just before Christmas of 2014 and finally my growing number of talented coaches could knuckle down and do our thing.

Whats that saying “the higher you climb the heavier the fall” (2014) – Worst year of my life…
The climb…

Under the surface smile, underneath I didn’t really want to be there – Worst day of my life… August 9, 2014

Happy little Vegemites we were in the Summer of 2013/14. With some great people on the team and some amazing people that joined the club in 2014 we had the blueprint to have some fun and create a culture I’ve always envisioned. Personally I had a good partner, family liked me (they didn’t always) and business was running smooth. Thing were finally in motion and I was on cloud-nine! I was doing something I loved, I had skip in my step and had good people around me – just try and stop me world. The world answered and everything fell to shit on my 25th birthday.

The fall…

August 9th marked the 1st Junior Club Challenge I’ve spent 6-months planning. The evening before the the event (my birthday) I came home to my brother in tears. Long story-short we got word our cousin Chrystal in Sydney was rushed to hospital – we all knew it wasn’t good. I called my cousin (her brother) who I did everything together growing up but wasn’t really speaking to each other at this stage of our lives telling me this is bad… and it was. Unfortunately our dear Chrystal attempted suicide that day and with doctors working on her through the night it was a waiting game to see if they could save her.

DSC_5995My parents headed to Sydney early morning and my brothers and I stayed back and proceeded to go ahead with the Junior Club Challenge the morning. It was a relaxing brotherly activity before we faced the toughest day of our lives. With the coaches alerted about our emergency there was no hesitation in shouldering the extra load that was placed upon them. With the success of the Junior Club Challenge my brothers and I made our trip to Sydney. Not many words were said in that 3-and-half hours.

Sadly, we got there a couple minutes before the doctors came out to deliver the news – Chrystal has passed away. These were the darkest days of my life and back to the tennis academy it was.

Things do come in 3’s – Forced goodbyes are never fun… (2014)

With everything happening with the passing of Chrystal I came back to a very supportive community. A week later a guy I went to University with died in a bus crash overseas and many emotions started to escalate.

My tennis family was my rock and those that saw me everyday saw the pain I was in. This did not stop them from doing everything in their power to support me and my family while delivering quality tennis lesson. I would go home early, I would be in the background when I was coaching with another coach and I wouldn’t be active on the admin side of things. The show went on and although I started drinking a little bit too much to deal with my grief and adding to the pain another slap in the face with my girlfriend at the time being forced to leave the country because of visa issues.

IMG_3815[1]I can’t wait till 2016 – The aftermath… A year of darkness (2015)

With the toughest Christmas to date and the feeling of lost and nothingness this was the darkest time in my life. The crash of 2014 came with a never-ending ring in my head! With a few trips to visit the girlfriend in Philippines and Malaysia things just got too hard and on my 27th birthday that relationship ended while I was holidaying in New Zealand to be away from the 1st year of the passing of Chrystal. Life continued and the tennis academy was growing by the day. All the coaches grew into their own and with them in the dark about my emotional instability our tennis academy was in full swing. Anytime we’d get stuck someone would come through with the goods. We celebrated birthdays of clients, we attended charity events, we had fun! Everyday I was at tennis things were good, unfortunately I had to go home and I’d slip back into the deep corners in my mind usually by myself and alone. I don’t use a New Year as a turning point for anything however I needed this year to come to an end sooner than later.

IMG_8386Brighter Skies – Where there is rain, there’s a rainbow… somewhere (2am: 12.07.2016)
I write this from Kuala Lumpur Airport after a missed flight to my next destination (that’s a story for another day). I now have a 13-hour layover to reflect and gather my thoughts. After spending a couple weeks with coaches – James and Myles looking back on what we’ve built and sustained through the tough times is something our team can be proud of.

It was great to see James compete in the Osaka Triathlon after watching him schedule our Tennis Canberra programs around his training. His passion, professionalism and dedication towards his Triathlon is something special and proud to have him as a coach at Tennis CBR. Spending 2 weeks with Myles (who I met playing tennis at 10 years of age) was mind-blowing. We looked back at the first trip we went to Rockhampton for Bruce Cup and couldn’t believe the different paths we took to remain in a sport we truly love – Thanks for your help over the years mate! With Avi steering the ship back in CBR while we recharge we can only see positives for the future of Tennis Canberra.

All our coaches and tennis family members have their own story on the impact tennis has on their lives. Mine is just one of many that can say tennis was and still is my everything. I have so much to give back to tennis and I hope this reflects within our tennis programs and tennis community.

I hope to use my experiences to inspire our future players and encourage those that never been on the court to give tennis a go as tennis is much more than a sport that you can play for life.

Over the next two terms you will be reading stories of some of our coaches and others in the tennis industry. I’ve got a fair idea on the journey many of us tennis players have had but looking back on my own journey who knows what we’ll learn. I’m looking forward to sharing these with you and hope you understand what we are building here at Tennis Canberra – we are more than tennis!