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How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

How you can support Tennis Canberra during the COVID-19 shutdown

Our Tennis Canberra team is determined to ride out this pandemic. From battling smoke, hail and rain it feels like we’ve been “down a break” before the year even started.

Our coaches could just laugh during the hail storm, while watching our cars get destroyed. We could just ask ourselves what was coming next? An earthquake was my guess…  A pandemic was not even a thought at the time but watching COVID-19 shutdown our business in a space of 3 days. It left us feeling empty, stressed and confused.  It was the silent storm that took the country off-guard.

For most our current Tennis Canberra coaches the goal is to return to the community we love but we face some obstacles ahead.  Restarting our programs will not be like pressing the unpause button.  We will need to re-energise, restructure and rebuild our humble community from the bottom-up.

Over the last week our team has been overwhelmed with messages of support.  Your love is enough to give us the motivation to continue the daily grind.  Like Rafa, Ash Barty and Lleyton Hewitt we are going to take inspiration from them to work even harder during the toughest of times.


Cashflow is the major factor in the Tennis Canberra  fallout from COVID-19.  We are hoping we can limit the structural and financial losses.  As mentioned in previous updates, a couple of our coaches are not eligible for Government assistance as they are on a Temporary Visa (we really hope this rule changes but we are not holding our breath). For this reason, our team has decided looking after Coaches Pedro & Sam as our top priority as they are the future of Tennis Canberra.

We thank all those who have offered to donate funds or telling us to keep the remaining lessons that we haven’t completed.  As much as we may need these breaks we believe that if you have paid for our services we will  follow-through and complete these remaining sessions in due time.  Just be ready to hit the courts when we have the green-light. We love what we do an no money will change our passion for coaching a sport we love.

The best way to help our team is to support the “Tennis Canberra services” listed below or Pre-purchase a 2020 Spring Coaching Season Package.

Junior Program - ACT - Toddler Tennis Canberra - ACT - Kids


  • Start Date: August 24 – December 20th
  • 15-week season
  • Junior & Adult Coaching Groups
  • Walk-To-Tennis: After-school Pick Up Program Available (Selected Schools)

Not only will this help manage cashflow during the shut down it will help us plan to make a seamless transition back on to the court.

We sincerely thank you for your support and will work extremely hard to run even better lessons when we get the green light.

Most of the sessions listed in the 2020 SPRING Season have a high chance of going ahead however, it is subject to change pending on the COVID-19 fluid situation.

Private Lesson – One-on-one Personal Training

At this present time one-on-one Private Lessons are the only on court service we can run.  We are hoping that this service can help those who use tennis to increase their physical, mental and emotional health.  These sessions will be under strict COVID-19 guidelines and will be offered in-line with Tennis Australia’s advice.

  • 1-hour Private Lessons – $80
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x2 a week) – $70
  • 1-hour Private Lesson (x3 a week) – $60

  • 1-hour Two Player Split Private (30 mins each) – $80 ($40 each)
  • 1.5-hour Two Player Split Private (45 mins each) – $110 ($55 each)



Due to the fact our coaches are off court we have a lot of time to service your racquet.  Our restringing service includes – restring, re-grip, racquet clean plus *PICK UP & DROP OFF to your Canberra home

Racquets & Home Sporting Equipment

Need a new racquet to hit against the wall? Or do you need a mini court set up. We sell sporting equipment for you to stay fit. *We can arrange drop off to your door!

*We ask to leave a google review, send a photo for our social media or upload a photo enjoying thanking your Tennis Canberra coach. This service will only be available during the on-court COVID-19 shutdown.


New decade, new beginnings.  With a fresh new logo launched early in the year we knew 2020 was going to be one to remember.  We’ve always wanted to do this but never had the time but we want all our players to wear Tennis Canberra on their heart.

We are in the process of designing a special 2020 players shirt.  It will take inspiration from the events from 2020 and the new life Tennis Canberra will have once we return to the courts later in the year.

More information to come…

Suspension of all Coaching, Competitions & Events – COVID-19 UPDATE

Suspension of all Coaching, Competitions & Events – COVID-19 UPDATE

Suspension of all Coaching, Competitions & Events – COVID-19 UPDATE

As you know Tuesday March 24th the Federal Government has imposed stricter guidelines within the community.  For this reason, all Tennis Canberra Coaching Groups, Social Competition and Junior Competition will be SUSPENDED for the foreseeable future.

Although Tennis Australia has given us the green light to manage small coaching groups the only service our Tennis Canberra coaches will be providing are Private Lessons of no more than 3 players and will follow strict on court and venue guideline.

Private lesson will give a select few Tennis Canberra coaches to make a small income for basic needs.

Which programs are suspended?


  • Junior Coaching Groups & Squads (Level 1-7)
  • Adult Skills (Starter – Advance)
  • Cardio Tennis


  • Adult Social Doubles
  • Adult Social Singles
  • Kids Hot Shots Match Play
  • ACT Junior Team Tennis

Upcoming Events

  • Tennis Education Camp (March 30th – April 9th)
  • Kids Holiday Camps (April 15th – April 24th)

Court Hire

  • Old Parliament House Tennis Club
  • Please visit other Tennis Canberra clubs directly as they are managed by independent committees CLICK HERE

Do I get credit for the remaining sessions left in my package?

Of course.  Most of our Summer/Autumn Coaching Programs and Competitions have 1-7  sessions left. Tennis Canberra will credit these sessions which can be used within 1 year from when we have the all clear to resume our groups and competitions.

When will I be able to re-join?

Once Tennis Australia allows us to run larger groups we will start coaching programs 1-week after restrictions lift.

Players will be able to re-join when we resume coaching programs or within a year from our restart date.

As competitions takes about a month to promote and organise competitions will be active one-month after restrictions lift.

Below are ideal dates we would like resume but it will obviously be dictated by Tennis Australia.

  • April 28th, (Term 2, Week 1)
  • May 11th, (Term 2, Week 3)
  • May 25th (Term 2, Week 5)
  • June 9th (Term 2, Week 7)
  • June 22nd (Term 2, Week 9)
  • July 20th (Term 3, Week 1)
  • August 3rd (Term 3, Week 3)
  • August 17th (Term 3, Week 5)

The Initial Tennis Canberra Fallout from COVID-19

It does hurt not to get on the court today and it was harder to tell all our coaches we would not be on court for the foreseeable future.  I got a couple hours of sleep knowing that today was going to be the day we suspend our regular groups.

Our team has dealt with fire & smoke, hail & rain but nothing would prepare us for a shutdown with no return date.

It has been an extremely long week starting Sunday 6pm.  Once announcements were made about limiting activities to outdoors and the closure of state boarders two coaches – Maddie and Andjela went back to their interstate home to be with family.

In four-days our humble team has suffered a huge blow and no Government support will see our small business come out the other side unscathed.  Two of our coaches Pedro and Sam are on a temporary visas and for this reason will not receive any Government support.  Pedro’s partner also lost their job and if one of coaches are hurting we all hurt with them.

Our primary goal over the next 1-6 months is to look these two as are unbelievable and passionate coaches and the future of Tennis Canberra.  If you do want to get on court for a weekly or casual private please get in touch.  The little income from privates lessons will give them the basics – rent and food.

We will do our best to stay motivated, use this time to learn more about our trade and build a better service as we know that it means so much to everyone.  Our tennis family is something special we have so many friends and everlasting memories.

We will continue to be in touch over the tough period. I thank you for all your support and wish you and your family greater health.

Robbie & the Tennis Canberra Team

Junior Program - ACT - Toddler Tennis Canberra - ACT - Kids

Tennis & Education Camps – Can’t leave your kids at home?

Tennis & Education Camps – Can’t leave your kids at home?

Tennis & Education Camps – Can’t leave your kids at home?

The decision to go pupil-free from Tuesday March 24th to the rest of Term 1 has put some parents into a spin.  As outdoor activities are set to continue momentarily our team would like to help.

Tennis Canberra’s “Tennis Education Camps” are the help parents who cannot leave their kids at home or supervise them due to work constraints.

Our team will be offering Full-Day & Half-Day Tennis-Education Camps starting Monday March 30th until the end of Term 1 Thursday April 9th.

All sessions will be outside and run similar to our Tennis Canberra Holiday Camps. We are planing to add reading time, chance to catch up with homework and similar schools activities to mix up the day – all outdoors of course.

  • Venue: Old Parliament House Tennis Club Gardens
  • Daily, 3-Day, 4-Day or 5-Day Packages available
  • Strict COVID-19 Guidelines will apply
  • Sessions will only go head only when there is no rain predicted as we cannot bring them indoors (please have a contingency plan).

Tennis-Education Day Camp Packages

Full-Day (8:30-5pm)

Half-Day (8:30am-12:30pm)

Half-Day (1pm – 5pm)

  • Daily: $80
  • 3-Day Package: $200
  • 4-Day Package: $250
  • 5-Day Package:$300
  • Daily: $70
  • 3-Day Package: $150
  • 4-Day Package: $200
  • 5-Day Package:$250

Important: All packages are to be used within a camp week as our team will only run this service if we have enough participants. See all camp dates below:

Camp Dates:

  • Tennis-School Camp #1: March 30th – May 3rd (Monday-Friday)
  • Tennis-School Camp #2: April 6th-9th (Monday-Thursday)

* We need a minimum of 6 players in total per day to run these sessions. Cash payment on the first day of attendance as we do not have EFTPOS facilities.

What to bring?

  • Own Tennis Gear – If you do not have a racquet we can arrange one to purchase
  • Homework – If applicable
  • A book to read
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Snacks
  • Coloured pencils

How a typical Tennis-School Day Camp may look like:

  • 8:30 – 9pm (Half-Day Morning & Full-Day Drop-Off)
  • 9am – 9:45am: On Court Session 1
  • 9:45am – 10:30am: Reading/Homework/Art/Problem Solving (in the gardens)
  • 10:30am – 11am: Morning Snack
  • 11am – 11:45am: On Court Session 2
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm: Reading/Homework/Art/Problem Solving (in the gardens)
  • 12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch (Half-Day Afternoon Drop-off & Morning Half-Day Pick Up
  • 1:30pm – 2:15pm – On Court Session 3
  • 2:15pm – 3pm – Reading/Homework/Art/Problem Solving (in the gardens)
  • 3pm – 3:45pm – On Court Sessions 4
  • 3:45pm – 4:30pm -Reading/Homework/Art/Problem Solving (in the gardens)
  • 4:30pm – 5pm – Parent Club Pick Up

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

COVID 19 Update – Sunday March 22nd – Please Review

Hi Tennis Canberra Family,

With a major update from our Local and Federal Governments on Sunday March 22nd we want to be clear that the current status on Tennis Canberra programs will be fluid and can change on short notice.

Most Tennis Canberra Programs will continue for now. However, we will be adjusting some classes and competitions as some of our coaches are going back to their interstate residences before State boarders close.

We understand that everyone will have their own opinion on this matter but we will continue to comply with the measures currently put in place by our Federal and State Governments.

We encourage everyone to do what is best for them and their family and to please respect everyone’s personal decisions.

Tennis Australia has announced tennis is a low risk activity: it is outdoors, non-contact and  social distancing can be achieved.

Our goal while we are on court is to help people stay physically fit and emotionally healthy.  The Tennis Canberra team will put health first and understand if you do not feel comfortable with being on court at this present time do not stress  – we will place your program on hold and you can use this as credit when you are ready to return,

Please read all the program information and points as they will be relevant to you.

Group Lessons – Adults & Junior Lessons

  • Reducing the number of players in each class to 4-6 per coach (transitional period March 23-29th)
  • Additional classes will be held to achieve this ratio plus help us rearrange classes as 2 of our coaches have gone back to their interstate homes to be with family before the state boarders close.

Tuesday & Wednesday Social Doubles & Social Singles


HOLIDAY PROGRAM – April 6-9th (Week 1) & April 14-17th (Week 2)

  • Tennis Canberra plans to hold our April Camps, adding an additional day to both programs
  • Small groups (6-8 players) will be applied both on and off court
  • Limited spots available CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SPOT

SCHOOL PICK UP PROGRAM – More information to come

  • Monday March 23 North Ainslie Walk will go ahead as planned (e-mail has been sent – reply if your kid is not attending)
  • Walks on and after Tuesday March 24th is pending the final announcement on optional attendance of school for the rest of the term (stay tuned as our local and federal government as different messages at present)

2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

2020 Royal Canberra Show: Kristen & Nige’s Showbag

You are one of the lucky ones to purchase a Kristen and Nige’s 2020 Show-bag  at the 2020 Royal Canberra Show. 

Tennis Canberra donated 1000 FREE tennis sessions with all show-bag proceeds going towards the Give Me 5 for Kids Foundation. We hope this helps!

Please activate your voucher and  book in a session by clicking the button below.

Your Give me 5 for kids tennis voucher is valid for the following sessions

Kids Tennis Group Lesson

  • Level 1 (Ages 4-5)
  • Level 2, 3 or 4 (Ages 6-16)

Adult Tennis Group Lessons

  • Adults Skills (Starter, Beginner, Intermediate or Advance)
  • Cardio Tennis

Mini Sports Sessions: Multi-sports

  • Ages (2-4 years)

Be sure to double-check the date, time & venue of your booked session.

ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

Canberra Tennis Coach - ACT - Telopea Park Primary

ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

ACT School Telopea Park Primary wins Todd Woodbridge Cup

Telopea Park School became first ACT school to win the Todd Woodbridge Cup at Sydney Olympic Park on Monday.

Telopea Park won the ACT finals in September to face 19 regional-winning schools from across NSW and swept their pool before taking down St Patrick’s Albury in the final.

Tennis Canberra Coach Robbie Manzano and his team had trained the school for five months before the event.

For the full story Click Here


Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

CBR Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

Tennis Canberra serves up an ace: by Brand Canberra

It’s official – Australia has got tennis fever. With the Open kicking off in Melbourne this week, fans across the nation are rallying behind born and bred Canberran, Nick Kyrgios, as he stakes his claim to the title… Full article click here

Credit: Brand Canberra


Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Tennis Canberra

Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Christmas Party Update – Pending Weather – Saturday December 2nd

Friday 2:28pm – Saturday December 2nd is scheduled to rain.  Unfortunately this is the day of our Christmas Party.  We are going to give it every chance to go ahead however if we cancel due to wet weather you will need to check this link.

If we do cancel we still want to celebrate and will host a Summer Party in January or early February as we still want to say thank you to everyone in the Tennis Canberra family.

For now lets cross our fingers and toes and hope that the weather holds off.

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Robbie Manzano

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Finishing off the 2016 with a BANG with a very Xmas Holiday Tennis Club. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. See you on the court in 2017.

“Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success”
It’s hard to pin point why this year was so successful. Twenty-sixteen was a break out year for everyone at Tennis Canberra. From our development juniors to the maturation of our coaches, the academy has really come to life. Everything good stems down to one thing and one thing only… And that’s just love.

Every challenge, every problem and every issue was dealt with a lot of heart and passion. We are not perfect and there are many things that went wrong however when you look at things from a number of perspectives and take the time to process things the answers become clear. Consequently a potential messy situation becomes a learning opportunity for all involved.


Everyone loved James and he will be missed at Tennis CBR! Myles has been with us almost from the start and I can’t thank him enough for the support over the last couple of years!

Good coaches are hard to find…

From Avi who manages our core hours, to Jono who takes charge of our Monday evenings and Fionn who wakes up early on a Saturday to keep the energy up to finish the week, we are blessed to have the experience we have. Those in the tennis industry know the value of a good coach and having a network that helps us out when needed has given us the opportunity to run programs at 5 tennis clubs, visit over 10 schools and given me the chance to help out Tennis ACT and fellow head coaches. Our casual coaches and friends are just as important.

My boys! Cheers Jake for the help in Term 3 and Avi you know how important you are for the growth of tennis not just in Canberra but the entire state! We’ve got a couple big years ahead and blessed to have you on board!

Massive thanks to the Wynan bro’s, Big Scott, Sam, Jess & Alex. Without you guys our core coaches would not be able to take time off during the year and work on larger scale projects. The biggest thanks this year goes to Myles and James. In a recent blog I’ve explained how James has impacted Tennis Canberra for the better and I want to thank him one last time. Aside from my brother, Myles was the first coach that has helped me. He’s seen the academy grow and how it stands today. He’s professionalism is second-to-none and has given me the comfort to push for growth.


ACT Super 10’s is an event we get involved in! Bit of a bonus this year with a victory to Team Manzano!

I’m no business man but I love learning…

When I launched Tennis Canberra I had no idea what to do and how things work. I just knew that if I had a good product and do it with heart people will join. I was 100% right however with growth comes expectations and managing multiple arms of the business is all new to me. Making sure our coaches continue to improve, looking after our players that have been with us from the start whilst integrating those new to the game is not as easy as “A-C-B or 1-2-3” (let’s see if you can read between the lines). Decisions need to be made not daily but by the hour and having the “that that’s just the way it is” mentally has really helped when things haven’t gone our way (and yes like all business there have been some disappointments in 2016).


First hit of 2016 and we’ve come along way. Time fly’s when you are having fun and this year could not have ended sooner… Where did all that time go?

“Happiness is really the key to success”

The show must go on and looking back at what we’ve accomplished should be celebrated. A well deserve rest is needed to process how lucky we really are because we really enjoy what we are doing. We are proud of each and everyone we interact with as success is not seen in the 100km down-the-line forehand or the 300 revaluation out-wide kick-serve (although that’s pretty cool) but seen in the way we work together to become better people. I always tell my developing juniors “learn how to learn and respect those that want to help you and I bet you will be successful”

Roses with the lone thorn! I don’t shy when I say my Wednesday 9:30am ladies are my favourite class. I’ve had these guys from the start with new players come and players unfortunately moving on. This year we say good by the Netra and her family and we wish them the best of luck in Sydney.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

On that note, I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years Break especially those who are traveling. We will be back Monday the 16th of January for a Aussie Open Junior Holiday Camp and back for Term 1 Coaching on the 30th of January. We’ve had players already sign up for our Summer Sessions check them out and be ready when tennis fever hits in 2017.


Success! We didn’t win this award directly but we surely deserve some recognition. 2016 saw Tennis Canberra introduce tennis in the Canberra Grammar School Core Sports Program which went to win the Tennis ACT School of the Year!

Summer Sessions & Term 1 Registrations (Sign Up Now)
Term 1, 2017 Coaching Programs
January Junior Tennis Camps
Adult Summer Session + BBQ



More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

Tennis Canberra

More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

15317907_837970603009856_7852074787434270350_nHold on to good coaches they say… I’m happy to let them go!

Good coaches are hard to find especially in the Canberra Tennis industry. It’s just not true when people say “anyone can coach tennis”. There are certain aspects a coach must have when training players of all ages and abilities. Experience, passion and patience are three important traits one must have to be successful in this industry. James Thorp has all this plus a whole lot more. With his move to Sydney in 2017 Tennis Canberra will surely miss what James brought to the table.

Before I give James all the praise I can give I want to give you a background on why I’m so proud of our tennis family and the respect we have for each others success.


img_1126Risk it for the biscuit!

Before Tennis Canberra came to life I was in a similar situation to James. I was restless and ready to take risks with my passions and dreams. This energy was built up so much it actually turned to frustration eventually turning into a feeling of spite towards those around me.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the blessing or support to move forward from those who groomed me. This tore friendships and left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt sorry for those around me as I wasn’t the same person I am now.

As a major decision maker (I’m no boss) of Tennis Canberra I knew there would be times where I would have to face similar challenges and I thank my lucky stars I experienced what I did so I would feel joy rather than resentment as I knew how to handle to situation.



James came to me a couple weeks ago with his plan to head to Sydney in 2017. He added that he did not want to leave me short-handed for the busiest time of the year and wanted to coach for the first term of 2017. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I didn’t care he wanted to leave but the respect to even consider staying on-board during peak season to make our lives easier shows the person he is.

A smile came to my face because I felt the same energy when I was ready to roll back in the day. I alerted Avi a week later keeping things quiet and professional. I remember it clear as day and mention “I bet James will leave sooner that later, so lets start preparing”.

One day later, James asked me “if it’s possible, I would love to go to Sydney in the new years”. With a rye smile I said “of course and if you need anything in the meantime we’ll sort you out”.


15540571_10154044144392513_787096951_oWe were lucky to have a true professional…

James was important for the growth of Tennis Canberra in 2016 and those that coached under him had nothing but praise. He was a true professional and didn’t shy from letting me know what he felt. His emotional intelligence is high and his thirst for knowledge and self-improvement is something to admire. You may interpret these characteristics as a clash for those a little more relax but I thought it complimented the way our team ran and be are better off for 2017 because of him.


13592202_750154481791469_7574669118081834755_nOn behalf of everyone at Tennis Canberra I would like to thank you for your service and help over the past year. Personally watching you compete in the Osaka Triathlon was an experience I’ll never forget. You are a true professional and your attention to detail will take you beyond your own expectations. Make us proud man and be sure to visit all those you coached when you come back to the Nations Capital… because at the end of the day we’re #InItTogether.