Extra Sessions & Make Up Policy

Forces beyond your control and the unpredictable dynamic working-schooling life you or your child may not be able to make your scheduled tennis lesson.  For whatever the reason you happen to miss session we are more than happy for you to make up your tennis lesson during the season (please see the make-up policy below for more information).

Upcoming Extra Term Program Sessions: These sessions are put-on if there are 5 rain-out/public holidays during the current season or if 2 sessions of the same day is missed *beyond your control. Below is the next Extra Term Program Session:

*Rain-outs, Public Holidays, Session Cancelled because coach is sick.

Make-up Policy

  • You only need to do a minimum 10 sessions.  Our seasons run for (10-13 weeks) so do you best to get all 10 sessions in before terms-end.
  • If you need to do a make-up you are welcome to join any equivalent sessions at a different time/venue or an extra season program session if there is one scheduled (see above)
  • We must be notified by email, phone or SMS if you want to do a make-up (sometimes we may not be able to fit you in the session if there is a large group)
  • If you cannot do a make-up in the current season session you are currently in you are welcome to do a make-up in the following season if you are currently registered for the following season.