What if I cannot make my class?

You are welcome to do a make-up class if you cannot make the minimum 10 lessons for the season.  We have a 10 -*13 weeks season (depending on if you are current or new player) so there is enough weeks to complete 10 lessons.  Players are able to double up on certain weeks on sessions that they missed before terms-end.  Be sure to let us know when are where you are coming so we can include you in our lesson plan.

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Can I join halfway through the season?

Of course you can. A pro-rata rate will be issued and a new cost will be determined by the number of weeks left of the season.

How long does each season go for?

Our tennis season runs for *10-13 weeks. Our main season launches in week 2 of every school term and ends in week 1 of the following term.  New players or player returning from a season off are able to join in pre-season training in weeks 9, 10 & 1 at no additional cost.

We have three sign up options:

  • *New players or returning from session off (bonus pre-season): Sign up and start playing during Week 9, 10 & 1 of a school term.
  • New or last season players Sign up for season launch and start playing week 2 of a school term.
  • Pro-rated season (new or returning players): You will pay a pro-rated rate when signing up between weeks 3-8 of school term.  You will be paying for the remaining weeks left in the season and you are able to start as soon as you register.

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*Why do new players get a 13 weeks to do 10 lessons?

*New Players have a 1- 3 week pre-season (depending on sign up) therefore can play a maximum 13 weeks (no additional cost).  This period of play acts as a trial and helps the coaches get players in the right class before the upcoming season in week 2 of a term.

Do we play during the school holidays?

Yes & No – Our regular season classes go on hold for the 2 and 6 week school holiday however we hold school holiday programs for kids and ad-hoc adult sessions at additional costs from time to time.