What if I cannot make my class?

You are welcome to do a make-up class if you miss a lesson during the season.  Players are able to double up on certain weeks on sessions that they missed before seasons-end.  Be sure to let us know when are where you are coming so we can include you in our lesson plan.  When there is multiple rainouts in a season the team will hold extra sessions at the later part of the season.

 View our Extra Sessions and Make-Up Policy

Can I join halfway through the season?

Of course you can. A pro-rata rate will be issued and a new cost will be determined by the number of weeks left of the season.

How long does each season go for?

We have varying season lengths.  Our team has set up the seasons with weather considerations and community factors.  There is no set yearly schedule we adapt around major events, school & public holidays and the progression of our players.

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Do we play during the school holidays?

Yes & No – Our regular season classes go on hold for the 2 and 6 week school holiday however we hold school holiday programs for kids and ad-hoc adult sessions at additional costs from time to time.