Fixtures – Tuesday Social Doubles – Fast 4+

Upcoming Fixtures

Tuesday Evening Doubles Social Comp @ Old Parliament House Gardens

Our very popular Tuesday Social Doubles gives the opportunity for players of Tennis Canberra to feel tennis at a competitive level in a fun social environment.

UPDATE: We need 2 players to fill the draw due to injury and free spots.  We need 1 player from each time slot 6pm (Div 3), 7pm (Div 3) & 8pm (Div 2).  Please sign up using the link below.

Summer 2017 Doubles Comp Sign-Up Click Here

  • Next Competition Launch: Tuesday, February 28st, 2017.
  • Duration: 7-9 weeks (two-week break over School Easter Holiday).
  • Format: Doubles, Fast 4+ format with a Tennis Canberra Twist.
  • Sign up close: 2-Days before Comp launch – Limited Numbers teams per division so don’t wait to register we always max out!
  • Venue: Old Parliament House Rose Gardens Tennis Club, Parkes
  • Sign up as a team or as an individual (we will find you a partner)
  • Time: Evenings (6pm, 7pm & 8pm starts)
  • Div 1 (6pm), Div 2 (8pm), Div 3a (6pm) & Div 3v (7pm)
  • Cost: $140/player or $280/team


  • If you don’t have partner upon sign up please use the Referral Section – Choose “Other” > And where it says “Please enter details about referral” = Partner Needed
  • If you do have a partner use the referral sections however instead of saying “Partner Needed” type your partners name

Players List – Tuesday Social Doubles  – FAST 4+ – Summer/Autumn 2017

Division 3: 6pm (1-player needed)

Team 1: Heidi Sagerud / Sean Farrell
Team 2: Kat Slavich / Player Needed (Injury)
Team 3: Kate Sneyd / Tarni Raich
Team 4: Madeleine Graham / Jessica Cleary
Team 5: Meagan Jacobs / Tom Rawiri
Team 6: Leigh Grgurovic / Sharon Hong
Team 7: Adam Coles / Sheree Harris
Team 8: Will Sackett / Siobhan Williams

Division 3: 7pm (1-Players Needed)

Team 1: Alissar Hassan & Micheal Frost
Team 2: Jackie Bliston / Sarah O’Hallaran
Team 3: Jessica Klinger / Stefan Misrachi
Team 4: Katrine Beauregard / Nicola Chau
Team 5: Aye Win / Jonathan Brown
Team 6: Caroline Eakin / Svitlana Chernykh
Team 7: Nassar Fard / Stephanie Kaiser

To Be Paired
Team 8: Kat Southgate / Tracy Anne Collins (Reserve until filled)

Division 2: 8pm (1-Players Needed)

Team 1: Fiona Preston / Stephen Priest
Team 2: Matt O’Dwyer / Rose Hoskins
Team 3: Micheal Poynder / Oliver Kelman
Team 4: Mymy Nguyen / Tue Vu
Team 5: James Campbell / Robert Sroczynski
Team 6: Abhishek Halder / Isabella Ma
Team 7: Bayden Daly / Saeed Shahbazi
Team 8: Elissa Membrey / Sarah Allen
Team 9: Lukas Eldering / Tim Ross

Still To Be Paired

Team 10: Jon Hays / To Be Filled

FAST 4+ Rules – Not the exact rules promoted during Aussie Open Time.
– THREE first to 4-sets (with a tie-break at 4-all), score gets to 3-all you need to get to 5.  E.g. 5-3
– Short Deuce (returner can choose which side)
– Triple Fault Rule (3 serving chances for Div 3)
 – Advantage Set: If you are down a set you have a 15-0 (0-15) advantage at the start of each game for the 2nd set (and 3rd if you are 2-sets-to-love down). Be sure to serve the first point on the left side as you pretend to play that first point. If it’s a 1-set-all you start at 15-15 all (short 3rd set).

Standard Tennis Rules that you incorporate during the match
– If the game score equals an odd number of games.  E.g. 2-1 = 3, you swap ends.
– If the score is even or 40-15 (0-all, 15-all, 30-all) you serve on the right side.  Any other score is on the left with the exception of Deuce as the returner can choose what side to choose from.