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Our professional coaching team is built off energy, hard work and passion. We respect everyones lifestyle, goals and aspirations. Most tennis academies have a hierarchy with the Head Coach calling the shots. Initially this is great for the development of coaching principals and teaching methods, however this practice limits the growth of the young coach as it does not empower the individual.

I was the coach that wasn’t able to explore, I stopped learning and my coaching really suffered . The team would go on court for a session then all head home – to do it again the next day.  This is not why I coached and almost gave the game away. Things changed I went out on my own and experienced many coaching environments. Now I want to help others improve and become great people not just tennis coaches.

Our family philosophy is everything at  Tennis Canberra. Our coaches work on projects together and hangout with our players both on and off the court.

I give the challenge to those out there who have a passion for tennis. Whether you want to teach casually or make it a permanent fixture, our tennis family can empower you to reach any coaching or life goals. We have opportunities for those who want to manage a tennis club to those wanting to learn this rewarding trade.

Our experience coaches will act as a mentor plus note any creative ideas you may have. At the end of the day we work as a team to build a tennis community we all can be apart of.

To express interest in a coaching position which is advertised below please email or call 0416 186 121.

Job Opportunities

Tennis Canberra continues to give opportunities for up and coming coaches to make a career in the the tennis industry.

With the structures to grow the Tennis Canberra brand, we highly encourage coaches who want to make a career out of tennis to talk to our coaching staff.

Our flexible part-time & causal coaching positions are perfect for university students or those who enjoy coaching as a hobby.

For more information or to apply for a coaching position please email

Casual Coaching Position or Event Manager

The very important casual coaching position is one for university students and current full-time workers in other industries that want to stay in the game of tennis.

Although, these causal coaching positions range from 1 – 15 hours a week it is a role that our team takes very seriously.

Because you have the responsibility of teaching both kids and adults every hour you represent Tennis Canberra will have a flow-on effect on our community.

Every casual coach has their own role and if you are interested please get in touch.  Our team will make sure that you will have all the resources you need to succeed in this role however we do expect you have a tennis background and have extensive knowledge of the sport.

Tennis Coach & Event Supervisor 

Tennis Canberra is looking for a coach who is able conduct 10-15 hours of coaching each week.  You would be expected to be able to run group programs for kids aged 4-14 and adults of a beginner to intermediate standard.

We do expect our part-time coaches to have a tennis background and played competitions as a junior at a State level.

Full-Time Sports Administrator 

Tennis Canberra is looking for a confident tennis administrator who is capable of organising group and private classes for adults and kids of all ages and abilities.

To qualify for a full-time role you will need:

  • Have a Tennis Australia or ATPCA Coaching Certification and associated insurances or be looking to attain one within the next 3-months
  • Ability to plan, conduct and administrate the services the products Tennis Canberra has to offer
  • Access to a vehicle as you will be between multiple venues throughout the week
  • The ability to implement strategies to grow and maintain student participation
  •  3-Years coaching experience (preferred)

You will have your an extensive role in creating, growing and maintaining a fun, colourful and humble tennis community.

Creating Tennis Community – Working Together!

Are you a tennis operator in Canberra or in the ACT region.  Tennis Canberra is the Capital’s tennis brand and we welcome operators to join under the Tennis Canberra banner.

Why would you join with Tennis Canberra?  Tennis Canberra is not a tennis academy it is a brand that represents the Canberra Tennis Community.  It reaches to not just players at a Tennis Canberra venue but the entire territory. As the brand grows whoever is a part of this movement will ultimately reap the rewards of the teams successes.

How we can help you:

  • Marketing and Advertising: Tennis Canberra in number 1 in organic search engine hits for any tennis related searches in Canberra.
  • Resources: Many coaches are limited to the professional staff and assistant coaches.  Tennis Canberra have a coaching database to maximise coaching programs
  • Database: Our tennis community extends all over Canberra. With more venues, coaches and options our players will continue to love the support and we want to give them the best option available.  If we are able to promote your services we would be happy to help grow the community with your resources.
  • Flexibility: We invite all major stakeholders to help mould the Tennis Canberra brand.  Tennis Canberra respects everyones ideas and aspirations.  We are open to new ideas and directions.

We don’t like competing with other tennis coaches and we always want to work with them to grow the sport of tennis.  As a sport tennis is already competing with many other sports and the more we work together as a community the larger the sport can be. If you are interested in collaborating please get in touch, we have a lot of work to do and we would love you to join the ride!

Coach Education – Become a Tennis Coach

Coaching Accreditations

Tennis Canberra delivers various tennis coach qualifications for profession accreditation through ATPCA.  Course dates for ACT and other states can be found on the ATPCA website and course can be held through expression of interest.

For more information about attaining your coach accreditation email

Upcoming ATPCA – ACT – Coaching Courses

Already coaching or ready to get right into it? Did you know you can work and get your accreditation at the same time.  We understand you may already be coaching so why not earn a qualification while working with Tennis Canberra.

If you would like to earn your Graduate Pro, Advance Pro (or both) while working please get in touch with me directly

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • TBA

Option: Can be coupled with the Advance Pro Course (40% off the second course)

For more information and to Enrol Click Here

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • TBA

Option: Can be coupled with the Graduate Pro Course (40% off the second course)

For more information and to Enrol Click Here

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