Tennis Canberra

Our professional coaching team is built off energy, hard work and passion. We respect everyones lifestyle, goals and aspirations. Most tennis academies have a hierarchy with the Head Coach calling the shots. Initially this is great for the development of coaching principals and teaching methods, however this practice limits the growth of the young coach as it does not empower the individual.

Our family philosophy is in place at Tennis Canberra as I was that coach who wasn’t able to explore and do things to suit my personality. The team would go on court for a session then all head home – to do it again the next day. Something I found extremely boring after a while. Now our coaches work on projects together and hangout in social situations with our players both on and off the court.

I give the challenge to those out there who have a passion for tennis. Whether you want to teach casually or make it a permanent fixture our tennis family can empower you to reach any coaching goals. We have opportunities for those who want to manage a tennis club to those wanting to learn this rewarding trade.
Our experience coaches will act as a mentor plus note any creative ideas you may have. At the end of the day we work as a team to build a tennis community we all can be apart of.

To express interest in a coaching position please email or call 0416 186 121.

Jake Eames