Junior Tennis Lessons & ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play

Kids tennis coaching and competitions for Canberra’s Inner North, South & City, Tuggeranong, GungahlinBelconnenWeston Creek and Woden.  With the support of our community tennis clubs and partner schools, the South and North Canberra Tennis Academy continues to deliver tennis to over 5000+ kids in Canberra every year.

Our coaches are Tennis Australia qualified and proud deliverers of the Tennis Hot Shots Program.  Know your child is getting the best and train at an approved Hot Shots Club near you.


  • Want to sign up for the season but not sure which session your kids should join?

    Option 1: Pre-Season Trial (*7-16): We hold Trial Sessions or Hot Shots Community sessions before the season (usually during the school holidays or the final weeks of the previous season).  To view the upcoming trial sessions please click here.

    *If you’re child is 6-years and under please email play@tenniscanberra.com.au to trial an in-seaon Aces Program

    Option 2: In-season Trial: If you want to join mid-season view the current timetable and email play@tenniscanberra.com.au and let us know which session you would like to trial.

  • Registered Players Receive: ANZ Tennis Hot Shots T-Shirt by New Balance

    To claim your FREE Tennis Hot Shots T-Shirt CLICK HERE 

    Your shirt will be delivered to your coach and will be given out at your Hot Shots coaching sessions.

    Registered players are entitled to many more benefits
    Click here for more information.


  • Free Racquet Initiative (FRI)** - For junior players new to Tennis Canberra

    We see too many first-time juniors with racquet too big for them.  Having the wrong racket can encourage bad habits and slow the development of the young player. The Free Racquet Initiative (FRI) is put in place so your child starts with a racket of the right fit.  Your child will try a racquet for size in his/her first lesson and will receive a brand new racquet within 1-2 weeks.

    Note: In rare cases, new junior players that require an adult frame will need to pay an additional fee. However, they will receive 40% off a basic Head or Babolat adult frame rather than receiving a free junior racquet.  This should help cover the higher cost of the racquet and enable us to continue this initiative for juniors of all ages and abilities.

Tennis Canberra
Hot Shots Venues


Program Guide

Playing Age = Age + Years Played*

  • Aces (Playing Age: 3-6)
  • Cubs (Playing Age: 6-8)
  • Junior Club (Beginner) (Playing Age: 7-9)
  • Junior Club (Intermediate) (Playing Age: 9-11)
  • Junior Squad (Playing Age: 11 – 14)

*1-year = 4 terms of coaching


  • Recommended for players new to tennis
  • 30-minute lessons
  • First time players: Ages 3-6
  • Previous coaching (1 year): Ages 4-6
  • Target Group: Play – & Pre- School
  • Free Racquet Initiative**
  • Season Cost: $12/week*
    *Multiplied by the number of weeks left in the current or upcoming season





  • Recommended for players new to the game or with minimal sport experience and tennis coaching
  • First time players: Ages 6-7
  • Previous coaching (1 year): Ages 5-8
  • Target Group: Kindy – Year 3

Junior Club

  • Recommended for those who had coaching before or those that play regular sport.
  • First time players: Ages 8-12 (Beginners)
  • Previous Coaching 7-10 (Intermediates)
  • Target Group: Year 2 – 6
  • Recommended: ANZ Match Play to complement coaching program (see Match Play Information Below)

Junior Squad

  • Recommended for players that play in weekly competition and attend regular coaching
  • Players should be able to sustain a 10-shot rally and be able to hit an overhead serve
  • First time players: Ages 10 – 16
  • Previous Coaching (1-2 years +): Ages 8 – 16
  • Target Group: Year 4 – 10
  • Recommended: ANZ Match Play to complement coaching program (see Match Play Information Below)

Additional Information

  • Our Cubs, Jbook-onlineunior Club & Squad are 1-hour sessions
  • Free Racquet Initiative**
  • Season cost: $20/week*
    *Multiplied by the number of weeks left in the current or upcoming season


Playing the game from a young age has shown to increase passion and love for the sport.  This love for tennis ultimately leads to faster skill acquisition, increased healthy practices and longevity for the sport.

Our Match Play sessions complement our coaching program and designed to increase on court weekly playing time so it reaches the Tennis Australia training recommendations for kids ages 7-12.

book-online2018 Summer/Autumn Match Play Season

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Venues: Barton Tennis Club or Turner Tennis Club
  • Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Season Cost: $20/week*
  • Join Anytime
  • Ages: 7 – 12
  • Afternoon Snack Provided (Munch & Crunch)
    *Multiplied by the number of weeks left in the current or upcoming season

Even our youngest kids can rally! From the age of 4 these kids learn skills so they can play matches This is Tennis Hot Shots… Click the video below to see how coaching has changed in the last decade.