Memberships: Old Parliament House Gardens Tennis Club

Become a member of the proud Old Parliament House Tennis Club.  With five tennis courts which are pleasing on the eyes, coaching options and social events this iconic venue serves more than just tennis.  With the Tennis Canberra crew bringing membership for the first time in 2016 life has been brought back to these historic gardens.  With many benefits and opportunities to play we would like to welcome you to our proud tennis community.


Membership 2018/19 Period: 1st of February 2018 to 31st of January 2019 (*Early Birds Play The Aussie Summer (December 2017 & January 2018 for FREE).

Family Membership

2 Parents + Kids

Adult Membership

Players 19 years and over

Junior Membership

Players 18 years and under

*Early Bird Special – Play in the Aussie Summer for Free (December & January).
Joining Period: December 1st – January 31st
$225 $130 $60

Joining Period: 1st of February  – November 31st

$250 $150 $75
Pro-Rata Year


Join May-July: $225
Join in August-October: $200
Join November: $175
Join May-July: $125
Join August-October: $100
Join November: $75
Join May-July: $70
Join August-October : $60
Join November: $50

How to become a member of the Old Parliament House Gardens Tennis Club

  1. Click here to access the membership page (via Tennis ACT website)
  2. Fill the required information and choose a membership option to suit you, your child or your family.
  3. Make Online Payment
  4. Once payment is received and membership is approved you will receive a welcome email with information about court bookings, membership information and club events. Note: Please allow 1-5 days for membership applications to be approved.

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Membership Benefits

  • Members can access courts anytime from 7am – 8:30pm (subject to availability)
  • Free Lights
  • Membership Exclusive Events
  • Non-members can hit with members for $5 per non-member (visitor fee) – Members can only book one court at the time.