A Racquet Restringing Canberra service can make your racquet new again.  All our racquets are strung by our elite re-stringers on our professional electric stringing machine.

Why Restring Your Racquet?

Do you have broken or dead strings? Is your racquet causing you soreness or pain as you hit? Let Tennis Canberra help you! With thousands of racquet restrings and years of experience our stringers will be happy to discuss the stringing options to suit your game. At Tennis Canberra we love seeing players on court and pride ourselves on getting your racquet done quickly to ensure you don’t miss a hit.

Restring and complimentary racquet service

Let’s keep it simple and choose the type of string to suit your game. Click the tabs below for more information.

  • For low string-breakers
  • Longevity: low-medium
  • Feel: Soft*
  • Power: High
  • Spin: Low-medium
  • Player Level: Beginner & Intermediate
  • Cost: $60 + complimentary racquet service

*Note: Players that suffer from tennis-elbow should go with a Synthetic Gut or Multifilament

  • For regular string-breakers
  • Longevity: High
  • Feel: Medium
  • Power: Medium
  • Spin: Medium
  • Player Level: Intermediate & Advance
  • Cost: $65 + complimentary racquet service
  • For regular string-breakers
  • Longevity: High
  • Feel: Hard
  • Power: Low-medium
  • Spin: High
  • Player Level: Advance
  • Cost: $70 + complimentary racquet service
  • Bring your own string during drop-off
  • Cost: $40 + complimentary racquet service

We don’t just string your racquet we do a full complimentary racquet service on our top of the line electric stringers. This service includes re-gripping (over-grip) and a clean.


  • FREE over-grip with a restring!
  • $5 over-grip
  • $20 Replacement Grip

Because we coach at different venues on different days the list below shows where we’ll be for drop-offs and pick-ups. Please SMS 0416 186 121 to let us know when you are coming (with your full name) and be sure to let us know when and where you want to pick you racquet up. Cash payment on pick up is the easiest as we are normally on court at the time of pick-up.

  • Monday: Old Parliament House Gardens – 3:30-8pm
  • Tuesday: Turner Tennis Club – 3:30-8pm, Old Parliament House & Barton 6-9pm
  • Wednesday: Barton 3:30pm -7pm & Reid Tennis Club 5-8pm
  • Thursday: Majura Tennis Club 3:30 – 6pm, Old Parliament House TC 6pm – 8pm &
  • Friday: 3:30pm – 5pm Tuggeranong (Erindale College Tennis Courts)
  • Saturday: Majura Tennis Club – 8 – 10am, Old Parliament House TC – 10:45am – 12pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Can’t make any of these times? Arrange a drop-off & pick. Click the next tab to find out how.

Call or SMS 0416 186 121. Our machine is based in O’Connor at one of our coaches home offices. If you are around this area you are welcome to drop it off and pick it up with prior arrangement.

For more information on stringing contact us on 0416 186 121 or play@tenniscanberra.com.au

Our stringers are the best in the business and we usually can turn around a racquet within a day (some instances 30 minutes) however due to the seasonal nature of tennis, heavy workloads could mean a racquet restring may take 1-3 days.

All our racquets strung on our Professional Electric Re-Stringer

Beware of stringers that use the drop-weight or crank stringing machines. These machines are outdated and are not able accurately string a racquet to the optimum tension. There is added stress put on the racquet with can cause micro-cracks in the frame ultimately weakening the racquet.

Don’t take the risk and get it done right. All our racquets are strung on our top of the line electric stringing machine.