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Canberra’s online tennis shop for everything tennis.  Ask yourself why am I buying this racquet?  Is it because there is a big sale sign on it or is it what your friend that just started tennis with you recommended.

Buying a new tennis racquet comes around once in a blue moon so why wouldn’t you go for the racquet best suited for you at a price at doesn’t break the bank.  Sport-store salesmen know how to sell but do you think they know anything about learning tennis? Some might but I can tell may of them have little-to-no idea of what they are actually selling. Our passion is improving your game so we want to get you a racquet that suits your game and skill level.

Recommend Head Racquets – Click on a racquet below for specs and additional information


Club Players

Recreational Players

  • MX Spark – (Grip Size 4 1/4) – $120 (Special)

The above racquets are the ones we recommend if you want a racquet that is on the list please get in touch as we are able to order any Head racquet at a competitive price.

To order, arrange a pick up or a trial a racquet call us on 0416 186 121 or emailing

Tennis Balls

  • Box of Head Team (Order Now)
  • Box of Green Tip (Order Now)

Tennis Canberra Merchandise 

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