Canberra’s online tennis shop for everything tennis. Ask yourself why am I buying this racquet? Is it because there is a big sale sign on it or is it what your friend that just started tennis with you recommended.

Buying a new tennis racquet comes around once in a blue moon so why wouldn’t you go for the racquet best suited for you. Sport store salesmen know how to sell but do you think they know anything about learning tennis? Some might but I can tell may of them have little-to-no idea of what they are actually selling. Our passion is improving your game so we want to get you a racquet that suits your game and skill level.

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Tennis Balls

  • Box of Head Team
  • Box of Green Tip

A Racquet Restringing Canberra service can make your racquet new again.  All our racquets are strung by our elite re-stringers on our professional electric stringing machine.

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  • FREE over-grip with a restring!
  • $5 over-grip
  • $20 Replacement Grip

Coming Soon…

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