Social Doubles Competition

Tuesday Evening Social Doubles Comp @ Old Parliament House Gardens

Our very popular Tuesday Social Doubles gives the opportunity for players of Tennis Canberra to feel tennis at a competitive level in a fun social environment.  Matches are modified so players can get their weekly tennis fix and a modified scoring system keeps all matches interesting until the very end.

Competitions Season Dates & Sign Up

  • Spring 2017 Doubles Competition - Launching Tuesday October 24th - Sign Up OPEN

    Spring Comp: 7 Weeks
    Competition Launch:
    Tuesday October 24th
    Sign-Up: OPEN – Click Here
    Sign-Up Closes: Friday October 20th or until all spots are full.

    New to Tennis Canberra?  If you are new could you attend a free coaching sessions so we can determine your skill level.  Please email us to arrange a session be the comp start date.

    Start Times

    Matches are scheduled either at 6pm, 7pm or 8pm.  Note that we do our best to allocate the best time for each team.  If you cannot play at any of the times due to other commitments please let me know by emailing


    • If you don’t have a partner please write partner needed” in notes section upon sign up
    • If you do have a partner please write your partners name in the notes section upon sign up

    Cost: $110/player or $220/team (Pay Round 1) 


Additional Information 

  • Rules & Format

    • Each fixture plays all three Fast4+ Sets (first to 5 point tie-breaker will be played at 4-all)
    • All games play short deuce, which means no advantage is played
    •  Advantage Set: The team who loses the first set will have a 15-0 (or 0-15) advantage in the second set.  If the second set is lost by the team with the advantage they will have a 15-0 advantage in the final set.
    • If the score reads 1-set-all then the final set will start at 15-all
    • Over-time matches:  In some cases matches may go over time.  Depending on the score the official will either make the players split the final set (if they are even) or make them finish the match to a closer games target. For example, if its 2-1 in the final set the offical may say play first to 3 and if it goes to 2-all play a tie-breaker.

  • Wet Weather Initiative

    Free Workout – Fitness First – Community Partners

    Wet weather is not kind to tennis players so anytime any of our Adult Sessions* are cancelled due to a rain out our friends at Fitness First City & Deakin are helping us stay active by letting all Tennis Canberra rained out players use the gym and join any of their classes free of charge.

    *Cardio Tennis, Adult Skils & Social Doubles Players Only
    #Valid only on day of rain affected cancelations


Past Fixtures

  • Player List - Tuesday Evenings

    Player List – Tuesday Evenings – Lightning Comp

    • Team 1: Alex Hendry, Bronwyn Hendry & Greg Taylor (7pm)
    • Team 2: Prasun & Sandeep (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 3: Matt O’Dywer & Rose Hoskins (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 4: Simon Bower & Patrick (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 5: Alissa Hassan & Svitlana Chernykh (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 6: Partick Barker & Simon (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 7: Indi Prickett & Marina Larcombe (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 8: Nathan Su & Sebastian Sella (6pm or 7pm)
    • Team 9: Rowena Love & Vanessa Hawes (7pm)
    • Team 10: Natasha Pruvis & Todd Trotter (7pm)

    (Preferred Time)

  • Fixtures & Times: Lightning Comp 2017

    Round 5 – October 10th – Most Matches will be played at 7pm* (One match at 6pm)

    Green Courts (House of Reps)

    • Indi Prickett & Marina Larcombe Vs  Svitlana C (res) & Nathan Su (6pm)
    • Rowena Love & Vanessa Hawes Vs Jess (res) & Svitlana Chernykh (7pm)
    • Alex Hendry, Bronwyn Hendry & Greg Taylor Vs Abhi H (res) & Pip (res) (7pm)


    Senate (Red Courts)

    • Simon Bower & Patrick Baker (7pm) Vs Natasha Pruvis & Todd Trotter (7pm)
    • Matt O’Dywer & Brenton P (res) Vs Prasun & Sandeep (7pm)


    Round 4 – September 19th – Most Matches will be played at 7pm* (one match at 6pm)

    Green Courts (House of Reps)

    • Indi Prickett & Marina Larcombe Vs Simon Bower & Patrick Baker (7pm)
    • Rowena Love & Vanessa Hawes Vs Tracy* & Jess* (7pm)
    • Matt O’Dywer & Rose Hoskins Vs Nathan Su & Sebastian Sella (6pm)*


    Senate (Red Courts)

    • Alex Hendry, Bronwyn Hendry & Greg Taylor Vs Prasun & Sandeep (7pm)
    • Natasha Pruvis & Todd Trotter Vs Alissa Hassan & Svitlana Chernykh (7pm)

    Round 3 – September 12th – All Matches will be played at 7pm *Reserves

    Green Courts (House of Reps)

    • Rowena Love & Vanessa Hawes Vs Indi Prickett & Marina Larcombe (7pm) 1-2
    • Matt O’Dywer & Rose Hoskins Vs Natasha Pruvis & Todd Trotter (7pm) 2-1
    • Alex Hendry, Bronwyn Hendry & Greg Taylor vs Ro* & Jess* (7pm) 2-0

    Red Courts (Senate)

    • Prasun & Sandeep Vs Alissa Hassan & Nabil Hassan* (7pm) 2-1
    • Simon Bower & Patrick Vs Nathan Su & Sebastian Sella (7pm) 2-1


    Note: If you want to play at 6pm let me know and I’ll talk to you opponents and see if they’re available.

    Round 2 – September 5th (All matches this week are at 7pm)

    Green Courts (House of Reps)

    • Alex Hendry, Bronwyn Hendry & Greg Taylor vs Indi Prickett & Marina Larcombe (7pm) DNP
    • Alissa Hassan & Svitlana Chernykh Vs Nathan Su & Sebastian Sella (7pm) 1-2
    • Rowena Love & Vanessa Hawes Vs Tracy & Jess (7pm) DNP

    Red Courts (Senate)

    • Matt O’Dywer & Rose Hoskins Vs Natasha Pruvis & Todd Trotter (7pm) DNP
    • Prasun & Sandeep Vs Simon Bower & Patrick (7pm) 2-1

    Round 1 – August 29th – All Matches Played on the House of Reps Side (Green)

    • Grading Round