Spring 2018 Social Doubles Competition Information

Season Launch

  • Tuesday October 23rd (8-week comp)

Sign Up 

  • Sign up will close Sunday October 21st or when the player list hits the 96 players limit

End Date

  • Will finish approximately 8-10 weeks after the season launch. Each season will see 7-8 rounds scheduled.  No matches will be played during the school holidays and any rainouts will postpone any fixtures to the following week.
  • *Lightning Comps run for a  5-weeks as there is no grading or final rounds (first time social doubles players will need to attend a trial adult lesson so we can grade you).

Play 3 Fast 4 Sets

Set 1 – Play a standard Fast 4 Set + Basic Rules

  • Short Deuce Games – 0, 15, 30, 40 & game (no advantage points)
  • Start each game on the right side
  • If the score is Deuce (40-all) the returning team can choose which side to start the point
  • Change ends when set game score equals an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7)
  • Play a tie-breaker at 3-games-all (first to 5 points) – Player 1 (team 1), players 2 (team 2) & player 3 (team 1) serves 2 points in this order. Player 4 (team 2) serves 3 points – if necessary.

Second Set – Advantage Set – 15-love

  • The team who loses the first set is 15-love or love-15 for every game in the second
  • Start of each game on the left side (you pretend you have played the first point)
  • If the set goes to a tie-break (3-games-all) you start the tie-break as normal (0-0)

Third Set – 2 Situations

  • If the score is 1-set-all, start each game at 15-all (start each game on the right)
  • If one team is up 2-sets-to-love, the team that is on love-sets will have a 15-love advantage for all games in the third set (start each game on the left)

Third Serve – For Division 5 & 6

  • Division 5 & 6 will have 3 serves per point serve

Start Times

  • 6pm, 7pm or 8pm

We understand some players struggle to make certain times. We advise if you are going to sign up you are able to make at least a 7pm session and either 6pm & 8pm.  We will do our very best to schedule you at your preferred time however we do ask you to be flexible from week to week.


  • *$15/round + $10 Comp Fee per player

*Multiplied by number of rounds in the season (typically 7-9 rounds pending sign up). Lightning Comps run for 5-weeks.

The first question we get asked is what if I don’t have a partner?

  • 50% of players sign up individually and  we’ll pair you up with a partner!

If you do have a partner…

  • Sign up individually and be sure to let us know who you would like to play with.

Competition Format

  • Season Comps: 2 Grading Rounds, 5 Round Robin Pool Matches + 1 Finals Week
  • Lightning Comps: 5-Week Round Robin Pool Matches

Match Format

  • 3-Fast4 Sets (Tie-Breaker at 3-all)
  • 15-love (0-15) handicap for the team down in match sets
  • 15-all start if set score is 1-set-each

Don’t stress if you don’t understand these rules.  All rules will be explained during the first round. We’ve tinkered with the rules of the years to maximise the social competition aspect of tennis.

Below are all the players that are registered for the Spring Social Doubles Competition. Please locate you and you partner.  If there is a mistake please let me know asap.

*Those that have a *please email your playing standard to play@tenniscanberra.com.au

Partner 1Partner 2
Jasmin ResurreccionPip Fairbairn
Dan ParsonsClaire Sutterby
Dinesh KotniEmily Richardson
Alissar HassanSvitlana Chernykh
Katarina SlavichAnna Slavich
Bridget MullumbyLaura Campbell
Mark WhitechurchBrendan Whitechurch
Andrew McNeeWIlliam Young
Nicholas GoddenJeremy Lloyd
Ro SaveskWeng Endaya
Bill Henman
Ellen StokesNicole Dever
Angie GhirardelloFleur Greaney
Heidi SagerudSean Farrell
Sarah O’HalloranJackie Bilston
Dannielle CarneyMichael Finch
Stephanie KaiserJessica Cleary
Jack TumminelloClare Cronan
Edwina JohnsonCaroline Handley
Kate MullinsPatrick Mullins
Jan Liddell
Partner 1Partner 2
Russ AndersonKathryn Mellor
Marina LarcombeRos Carr
Michelle DuncanMichael Pratt
Isabel HoneNatasha Lorenz
Fee KnightsKristy Whiles
Sharon PaliagaAngela Paliaga
Matt O’DywerRose Hoskins
Yuta HimuraRyan Diessel
Mason EliasTom Nettleton
Hannah Brydie-WatsonGabriel Willis
Ryan FarrellMatthew Kraeh
Jess FaganIsabella Ma
Laurence BarthelemyClaire Harding
Vanessa HawesRowena Love
Luke SealKate Etherington
Alex Duncan
Larah Nott
Sean Sadimoen*Megan O’Riordan*
Melissa Ryan*Hannah Wandel
Richard Overheu*Craig Furini*
Ben Gill*

2018 Winter Lightning Social Doubles


Completed: Autumn/Winter 2018 – Pool Matches

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Final Round - Winter Doubles Comp - ACT Tennis

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Round 1 - Round Robin - Winter Doubles Comp ACT

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ACT Social Doubles - 2018 Winter Competition - Round 2

Updated (Tuesday 20th): Time Changes – OPH GREEN 1 & 2 Fixtures

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Round 3 - Round Robin - Winter Doubles Comp ACT

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ACT Social Tennis Doubles Comp

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