Social Singles Tennis Tournament

Welcome to the Social Singles Competition where you can play your match at your own time on our tennis courts!

Our new social singles competition begins on October 3 and runs for 3 months. Participants are allowed to enter midseason.

To register or express interest, please contact us via email on play@tennis or via mobile on 0423 300 380.

Rules & Processes
Players are given an initial rank based on previous competition or coach’s recommendations. New entrants will have to arrange a 10 minute hit to gain an initial rank – contact 0423 300 380 or
Players can challenge others up to 7 ranking spots from them (i.e. rank no.5 can challenge all the players from rank 1 to rank 10). In the spirit of the competition, we advise players to challenge players above them as well as below them in the rankings.
Players are recommended to playing two matches a fortnight or more. The more matches you play the better your chances.
Rankings are updated every week. There is a cap on players moving a maximum of 3 spots per week. Based on the average between the number of games won to lost players will move in the ranking. Players that have a higher average than the player above them take their spot.
Knock-Out Stages will take place in the second half of the season. Players must try to be available for it in the last two weeks of the season.
Court Used for Competition
All matches will be played at the 5 Old Parliament House Tennis courts. Non-members gain temporary access to use the courts only for their singles competition matches and are restricted to 2 matches per week.

You can sign up for club membership to the OPH to get unlimited access.

Match Format
FAST4 – Best of 3 sets to 4 games. Tie breaker (to 5 points) at 3 games all. Long deuce in games and win by 2 points on tie breaker. Format is decided upon agreement with opponent. Ideal for weeknights or when short of time.
Regular – Best of 3 sets. Tie Breaker (to 7 points with a difference of 2) at 6 all. Long deuce in games and win by 2 points on tie breaker. Format is decided upon agreement with opponent.
Match Organisation
Players can contact each other via the emailed contact sheet or the Facebook group – Tennis Canberra Social Singles Competition. Contact sheet will only be sent to players once registered in competition.
Ball Collection
Each player will be given 1 can of brand new HEAD Tennis Balls. Collection of tennis balls can be made upon payment by contacting us on 0423 300 380 or
Non-Members $120 per season (3 months)**
Members $75 per season (3 months)**
Payment Organised when collecting tennis balls
**pay less to join mid-season. Costs subject to change without notice