2018 Summer Holiday Tennis Camps – ACT

Tennis Holiday Program Canberra ACT

2018 Summer Holiday Tennis Camps – ACT

Tennis Canberra is holding two kids tennis camps at the Old Parliament House Tennis Club this January.  Watch the video to see what happens at a Tennis Canberra Tennis Camp.

With tennis fever about to hit our phones start to ring with a few common questions.  I’m here to answer a few of them so we can help you kids get on the tennis court.

My kids have never played before, are they able to join?

Of course they can. Age usually determines which program a kids can handle.  We are lucky to have multiple coaches so you kids will fall under one of the ability groups within the program.

Aces Morning (9am – 10am)

  • Recommended for players aged 4-5 years old

Half-Day Program 

  • Recommended for players 6-12 years old

Full-Day Program

  • Recommended for kids 8 -16 years old

My kid doesn't have a racquet, do I need to get one?

We suggest that you borrow a racquet from us.  When parents buy a racquet off the shelf there is a good chance it will not suit the player.  Use our racquets and if you want to buy one for your kid be sure to ask the coach which one to get.

Those kids that sign up for a tennis season we give a FREE Racquet for first time season players.  For more information about our tennis season programs click here

We can't make a certain day, can we come to a select couple?

Yep, we advise if you can try to make the 3-day program so your kid has the full camp experience.  We understand scheduling factors can cause a player to miss a day or two.

Don’t worry just book the times and days that suit you… Any tennis is better than none!!

How do I sign up online?

Visit the Tennis Holiday Camp page, choose which days you wanted to book you child and sign up online.