ACT Junior Team Tennis – A Capital Game Changer

ACT Junior Team Tennis – A Capital Game Changer

There is nothing better than playing in a team and ACT Junior Team Tennis a real game changer in the Territory.  Tennis is perceived as a individual or partnered sport, but even today professionals tennis players cherish the moments when they get an oppourtunity to play in a team environment.

Just watch any Federation or Davis Cup, and recently added Laver Cup (Team Europe vs. Team World) or International Tennis Premier League (ITPL) and understand that nothing beats playing in a team.

Introducing a team format to juniors causes some complications as there are a variety or skill differences, friendship considerations and a balance on competition-learning outcomes.  This leads to frustration for the player, parent and coaches.

This is where Junior Team Tennis comes in.  A format that encourages high level competition for seasoned and older junior players, plus inviting new players to competition, whilst keeping them all in one team.

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Junior Tennis Team’s are made up of a variety of abilities & ages, however, all players match up against players around their standard.  This allows:

  • Siblings to play in the same team – single trips for parents
  • Friends to play in the same team – makes competition more enjoyable
  • Chances to build many more friendships
  • Experience playing at different venues
  • Get a competition environment with the support of team mates
  • Tennis Coach Supervisors to take notes and create lesson plans depending on the outcomes

The improvement from all our players is evident each week.  With designated training weeks and a fun game week at the start and end of each season players really get to interact with players not just in their team but all the players in the competition.  This is Canberra’s first interactive weekly competition and with the popularity, social and physical benefits Junior Team Tennis will remain see many juniors use this competition as a launch pad for their future development.

ACT Junior Team Tennis 

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For more information or to sign up for an ACT Junior Tennis Team visit the Team Tennis Page by clicking the button below.