ACT's favourite Adult Lessons - Canberra's Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Adult Tennis Coaching Program
Social Adult Groups - Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Players - Canberra

We have a range of social beginner, intermediate and advance adult tennis coaching and training sessions for first-time or seasoned players at a tennis club near you.

We believe tennis is a game you can play for life so we welcome you to give it a go. For those who love a bit of friendly competition, we hold singles and doubles competitions.

Adult Tennis Coaching Canberra


  • First-time players who need to learn the Basics of tennis
  • For players that have little to no striking (hitting) experience
  • Has a little or no understanding of the rules of tennis


  • Less than 6-months of formal coaching
  • Has a little understanding of the rules and traditional scoring system
  • Recommend for players with no to minimal tennis/sport experience
  • Player is not able to hit a consistent over-head serve


  • Recommended for players with basic technique and those who can sustain a 5-shot rally from baseline-to-baseline or players with past coaching history or at a competition level
  • Player is able to hit 1 serve out of 2 in the correct box and able to play a very social tennis match
  • Understands the basic rules, positioning and scoring in both singles & doubles


  • Recommended for players who are fine-tuning their technique and can implement multiple tactical plays on the run
  • An advance tennis player has played or able to play in a singles tournament or regular fixtures
  • Player is able to play and understand the baseline to net transition game
  • Manipulate serves with spin for tactical reasoning

2023 Program Cost

  • $23.50 per session (1-hour lessons)

All programs are multiplied by the number of sessions left in the season


  • Save $3.50 when booking in the calendar year before the 2023 Summer Season (Summer Season Offer Only) – Save up to $52.50
  • Save $2.50 per session when booking before the week before a season launch – Save up to $37.50

Adult Racquet Special – $160 – When Signing Up for a Coaching Season

When signing up for the a coaching season you have the options to purchase a racquet at a special price from the Tennis Canberra pro-shop.  During your class you can test a couple of racquets and our team of coaches are able to help you choose the right racquet for you.

Our $160 specials are full graphite and best suited for Starter to Intermediate Players. These racquets are from our Head, Babolat & Wilson suppliers who sponsor Tennis Canberra so we can are always able to sell them below retail prices.

Intermediate-Advance players or regular competition players we advise you to demo our top-line racquets you would be suited to a racquet which are stiffer.  These racquets range from $260-$350 however, we are able to order them in below recommend retail prices.

Cardio Tennis

  • Recommended for all abilities, from players new to the game to players with a wealth of player experience
  • Click here for bookings and more information
Tennis Cardio Tennis

Organise Your Own Tennis Group

Want to play with friends in a private group setting.  Organise your own group with a Tennis Canberra Coach.

  • Groups of 4 = $45/player
  • Groups 5 or 6 = $40/player
  • Groups 7-12 =  $35/player
  • Groups of 12+ = $30/player

Email to sort out a time, day & venue

Adult Holiday Sessions