ACT's favourite Adult Lessons - Canberra's Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Adult Tennis Coaching Program
Social Adult Groups - Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Players - Canberra

We have a range of social beginner, intermediate and advance adult tennis coaching and training sessions for first-time or seasoned players at a tennis club near you.

We believe tennis is a game you can play for life so we welcome you to give it a go. For those who love a bit of friendly competition, we hold singles and doubles competitions.

Adult Tennis Coaching Canberra


  • First-time players who need to learn the Basics of tennis
  • For players that have little to no striking (hitting) experience
  • Has a little or no understanding of the rules of tennis
  • Average rally length is below 20 at any speed & distance


  • Is able to consistently have a 20-30 shot rally with a partner at a slow speed from the Service-Line-to-Service-Line
  • Has basic understanding of all the tennis shots used in tennis
  • Understands the simple scoring system and rules of tennis


  • Is able to consistently have a 20-30 shot rally with a partner at a slow speed from 3/4 court
  • Has an understanding of all the tennis shots, grips and basic techniques
  • Understands the simple scoring system and rules of tennis
  • Able to hit 1 out 2 serves into the court at any speed on most occasions


  • Is able to consistently have a 20-30 shot rally with a partner at a slow-medium speed from Baseline-to-baseline
  • Player is able to hit 1 serve out of 2 in the correct box and able to play a very social tennis match
  • Has an understanding of all the basic techniques, grips and spin
  • Understands the basic rules, positioning and scoring in both singles & doubles


  • Recommended for players who are fine-tuning their technique and can implement multiple tactical plays on the run
  • An advance tennis player has played or able to play in a singles tournament or regular fixtures
  • Player is able to play and understand the baseline to net transition game
  • Manipulate serves with spin for tactical reasoning

2024 Program Cost

  • $25 per session (1-hour lessons)

All programs are multiplied by the number of sessions left in the season

Look out for lower program cost when signing up before the start of the season.  Prices are advertised on the booking form.

Adult Racquet Special – $160 – When Signing Up for a Coaching Season

When signing up for the a coaching season you have the options to purchase a racquet at a special price from the Tennis Canberra pro-shop.  During your class you can test a couple of racquets and our team of coaches are able to help you choose the right racquet for you.

Our $160 specials are full graphite and best suited for Starter to Intermediate Players. These racquets are from our Head, Babolat & Wilson suppliers who sponsor Tennis Canberra so we can are always able to sell them below retail prices.

Intermediate-Advance players or regular competition players we advise you to demo our top-line racquets you would be suited to a racquet which are stiffer.  These racquets range from $260-$350 however, we are able to order them in below recommend retail prices.

Cardio Tennis

  • Recommended for all abilities, from players new to the game to players with a wealth of player experience
  • Click here for bookings and more information
Tennis Cardio Tennis

Organise Your Own Tennis Group

Want to play with friends in a private group setting.  Organise your own group with a Tennis Canberra Coach.

  • Groups of 4 = $45/player
  • Groups 5 or 6 = $40/player
  • Groups 7-12 =  $35/player
  • Groups of 12+ = $30/player

Email to sort out a time, day & venue

Adult Holiday Sessions