Improve your fitness with Cardio Tennis Canberra. Our tennis coaches have sport and health knowledge beyond the tennis court to serve your health and improve your game.

Our coaches have University Degrees and Fitness Australia Certificates in sport science, nutrition and health. For that reason there is no surprise Tennis Canberra is renowned for the best Cardio Tennis session in Canberra.

Tennis Cardio Tennis

What is a Cardio Tennis Canberra Workout

Cardio Tennis is a Tennis Australia program. It is a 45-minute high-intensity workout followed by a 15-minute social hit.

Increase fitness and learn a game you can play for life. Look no further, try a Cardio Tennis Canberra work out today.

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  • $18/workout *multiplied number of weekly workouts left in the current season

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  • Recommended for all players, both new and experienced