Junior Squad Pathway – Invite Only Option

A Tennis Canberra Regional Development Squad is an invite only program designed to centralise players who are future or established to competition players. Our coaches have identified that a squad player must be at a certain physical, mental & emotional standard to handle a squad based environment as the intensity of the squad sessions reflects the expected intensity of a tournament match.


Monday 5pm @ Old Parliament House Tennis Club –  ORANGE Level 2
Monday 5pm @ Barton Tennis Club – GREEN Level 3
Wednesday 5pm @ Barton Tennis Club – ORANGE Level 2


Tuesday 5pm @ Turner Tennis Club – RED Level 1 & GREEN Level 3
Thursday 5pm @ Reid Tennis Club – GREEN Level 3
Thursday 5pm @ Majura Tennis Club – RED Level 1
Thursday 5pm @ Majura Tennis Club YELLOW Level 6

Competition Pathway 

ACT Junior Team Tennis 

Canberra Kids Tennis Team - ACT

Kids Tennis Programs

Our team understands that squad scheduling does not always suit families.  For this reason those invited to a squad can consider choosing an open Junior Program or a squad program which is below the squad level. For example, an invited:

Junior Squad RED (Level 1) 
player can join Open Junior Level 3 or 4
Junior Squad ORANGE (Level 2)
 can join Open Junior Level 4 Programs
Junior Squad GREEN (Level 3-5) can join Open Junior Level 5-6
Junior Squad YELLOW (Level 6 & 7) should consider Squad Options or Private Lessons only

Those players who want to continue playing with their friends and siblings in the current program they are in we support this as playing sport with those they are comfortable with will increase the enjoyment  of the sport.