Did you miss your session?


We understand that players can miss classes during the season for many reasons. We endeavour to regularly adjust and update our policies. We appreciate your patience and our policies are subject to change without notice.

Make Up Process

Often our classes can be full and we aim to avoid overcrowded lessons for our players. As a result, we have come up with a process to assure a quality lesson for all.

  1. Check our weekly timetable (click HERE) to identify a suitable class. Make sure it is at your level.
  2. Check the vacancy spots in your class. We may not allow you to book a particular make up session if the class is FULL.
  3. Email makeups@tenniscanberra.com.au with the following information:
  4. Await confirmation from us. If, however, your preferred time slot is at capacity for that week, we will suggest a few other options to choose from.

Make Up Policy

  • Players can only attend make up sessions if confirmed following our booking process. You may not be allowed to join the class if unconfirmed or if the session is at capacity.
  • A booked make up session cannot be replaced at any point so make sure to attend your make up session.
  • Make Up lessons have to be for the same program as originally registered by the player. This can be changed once-off only if agreed upon by the coaches.
  • Make Ups can be done at any time during the season subject to class availability.
  • Make Up sessions will be carried over to the next season only if the player renews their registration to maintain ongoing enrolment in our program. However, we suggest completing make up sessions mid-season as they may fill the following season.
  • Make Up sessions will not be credited for future seasons except in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Make Up credits can be utilised by family members to suitable programs and subject to availability.