More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

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More Than Tennis – Good Coaches Are Hard To Find: We wish you well James Thorp!

15317907_837970603009856_7852074787434270350_nHold on to good coaches they say… I’m happy to let them go!

Good coaches are hard to find especially in the Canberra Tennis industry. It’s just not true when people say “anyone can coach tennis”. There are certain aspects a coach must have when training players of all ages and abilities. Experience, passion and patience are three important traits one must have to be successful in this industry. James Thorp has all this plus a whole lot more. With his move to Sydney in 2017 Tennis Canberra will surely miss what James brought to the table.

Before I give James all the praise I can give I want to give you a background on why I’m so proud of our tennis family and the respect we have for each others success.


img_1126Risk it for the biscuit!

Before Tennis Canberra came to life I was in a similar situation to James. I was restless and ready to take risks with my passions and dreams. This energy was built up so much it actually turned to frustration eventually turning into a feeling of spite towards those around me.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the blessing or support to move forward from those who groomed me. This tore friendships and left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt sorry for those around me as I wasn’t the same person I am now.

As a major decision maker (I’m no boss) of Tennis Canberra I knew there would be times where I would have to face similar challenges and I thank my lucky stars I experienced what I did so I would feel joy rather than resentment as I knew how to handle to situation.



James came to me a couple weeks ago with his plan to head to Sydney in 2017. He added that he did not want to leave me short-handed for the busiest time of the year and wanted to coach for the first term of 2017. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I didn’t care he wanted to leave but the respect to even consider staying on-board during peak season to make our lives easier shows the person he is.

A smile came to my face because I felt the same energy when I was ready to roll back in the day. I alerted Avi a week later keeping things quiet and professional. I remember it clear as day and mention “I bet James will leave sooner that later, so lets start preparing”.

One day later, James asked me “if it’s possible, I would love to go to Sydney in the new years”. With a rye smile I said “of course and if you need anything in the meantime we’ll sort you out”.


15540571_10154044144392513_787096951_oWe were lucky to have a true professional…

James was important for the growth of Tennis Canberra in 2016 and those that coached under him had nothing but praise. He was a true professional and didn’t shy from letting me know what he felt. His emotional intelligence is high and his thirst for knowledge and self-improvement is something to admire. You may interpret these characteristics as a clash for those a little more relax but I thought it complimented the way our team ran and be are better off for 2017 because of him.


13592202_750154481791469_7574669118081834755_nOn behalf of everyone at Tennis Canberra I would like to thank you for your service and help over the past year. Personally watching you compete in the Osaka Triathlon was an experience I’ll never forget. You are a true professional and your attention to detail will take you beyond your own expectations. Make us proud man and be sure to visit all those you coached when you come back to the Nations Capital… because at the end of the day we’re #InItTogether.