Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Robbie Manzano

Robbie Manzano – Happiness is the key to success – 2016 in review

Finishing off the 2016 with a BANG with a very Xmas Holiday Tennis Club. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. See you on the court in 2017.

“Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success”
It’s hard to pin point why this year was so successful. Twenty-sixteen was a break out year for everyone at Tennis Canberra. From our development juniors to the maturation of our coaches, the academy has really come to life. Everything good stems down to one thing and one thing only… And that’s just love.

Every challenge, every problem and every issue was dealt with a lot of heart and passion. We are not perfect and there are many things that went wrong however when you look at things from a number of perspectives and take the time to process things the answers become clear. Consequently a potential messy situation becomes a learning opportunity for all involved.


Everyone loved James and he will be missed at Tennis CBR! Myles has been with us almost from the start and I can’t thank him enough for the support over the last couple of years!

Good coaches are hard to find…

From Avi who manages our core hours, to Jono who takes charge of our Monday evenings and Fionn who wakes up early on a Saturday to keep the energy up to finish the week, we are blessed to have the experience we have. Those in the tennis industry know the value of a good coach and having a network that helps us out when needed has given us the opportunity to run programs at 5 tennis clubs, visit over 10 schools and given me the chance to help out Tennis ACT and fellow head coaches. Our casual coaches and friends are just as important.

My boys! Cheers Jake for the help in Term 3 and Avi you know how important you are for the growth of tennis not just in Canberra but the entire state! We’ve got a couple big years ahead and blessed to have you on board!

Massive thanks to the Wynan bro’s, Big Scott, Sam, Jess & Alex. Without you guys our core coaches would not be able to take time off during the year and work on larger scale projects. The biggest thanks this year goes to Myles and James. In a recent blog I’ve explained how James has impacted Tennis Canberra for the better and I want to thank him one last time. Aside from my brother, Myles was the first coach that has helped me. He’s seen the academy grow and how it stands today. He’s professionalism is second-to-none and has given me the comfort to push for growth.


ACT Super 10’s is an event we get involved in! Bit of a bonus this year with a victory to Team Manzano!

I’m no business man but I love learning…

When I launched Tennis Canberra I had no idea what to do and how things work. I just knew that if I had a good product and do it with heart people will join. I was 100% right however with growth comes expectations and managing multiple arms of the business is all new to me. Making sure our coaches continue to improve, looking after our players that have been with us from the start whilst integrating those new to the game is not as easy as “A-C-B or 1-2-3” (let’s see if you can read between the lines). Decisions need to be made not daily but by the hour and having the “that that’s just the way it is” mentally has really helped when things haven’t gone our way (and yes like all business there have been some disappointments in 2016).


First hit of 2016 and we’ve come along way. Time fly’s when you are having fun and this year could not have ended sooner… Where did all that time go?

“Happiness is really the key to success”

The show must go on and looking back at what we’ve accomplished should be celebrated. A well deserve rest is needed to process how lucky we really are because we really enjoy what we are doing. We are proud of each and everyone we interact with as success is not seen in the 100km down-the-line forehand or the 300 revaluation out-wide kick-serve (although that’s pretty cool) but seen in the way we work together to become better people. I always tell my developing juniors “learn how to learn and respect those that want to help you and I bet you will be successful”

Roses with the lone thorn! I don’t shy when I say my Wednesday 9:30am ladies are my favourite class. I’ve had these guys from the start with new players come and players unfortunately moving on. This year we say good by the Netra and her family and we wish them the best of luck in Sydney.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

On that note, I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years Break especially those who are traveling. We will be back Monday the 16th of January for a Aussie Open Junior Holiday Camp and back for Term 1 Coaching on the 30th of January. We’ve had players already sign up for our Summer Sessions check them out and be ready when tennis fever hits in 2017.


Success! We didn’t win this award directly but we surely deserve some recognition. 2016 saw Tennis Canberra introduce tennis in the Canberra Grammar School Core Sports Program which went to win the Tennis ACT School of the Year!

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