Smoke Haze & Air Quality: Procedure

Smoke Haze & Air Quality: Procedure

The sad reality is that I can’t even imagine how bad the fires are in the hardest hit places.  As long as these fires keep burning Tennis Canberra will always look at safety first for all our players.  This page will update all parties on procedures & make-ups that will be held in January for Smoke related cancellations.

Scenario #1 – Smoke present before a lesson – Understand the Air Quality (AQ) readings and our procedures

The Tennis Canberra Coaches will be using the latest (usually 2-hours before a session)  PM2.5 hourly reading via ACT HEALTH CLICK HERE

If the last reading reads:

  • Unhealthy for ALL (grey bar) and the trend is going up , we will cancel the next two hours – Notification via email & SMS
  • Unhealthy for ALL and the trend is going down or unhealthy for sensitive people and the trend is going up we will cancel the next hour – Notification via email & SMS
  • Unhealthy for sensitive people and the trend is going down.  We will go ahead with the exception of Cardio Tennis and Junior (level 1) – If you have breathing difficulties we advise you to do a make up class – Notification email to Cardio & Junior Level 1 & SMS Only

Scenario #2 – Smoke Haze Hits During A Class

  • If we get on court for a session and a sudden smoke haze hits the class, a coach will immediately cancel the class and get players indoors.
  • Juniors’ parents will receive an SMS if not present and all classes scheduled after a smoked haze hit will be cancelled (this is to protect our coaches as they have been exposed to poor air quality for a longer period time)

Scenario #3 – Coach falls sick – Just a reminder that our coaches may have been on court during the day and may have been exposed to minor poor air quality for a longer period of time

  • A coach may fall sick after being outside in minimal poor air quality conditions (even though readings may be on the boarder of unhealthy for sensitive people).  Due to long hours our coaches spend outdoors in the heat and poor air, they fall under the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Category
  • If a coach falls sick, they will notify another coach present, if any to see if they are able to finish their session by combining two classes. Their upcoming sessions will be cancelled unless a similar arrangement can be made with a healthy coach present
  • If this is not possible, the sick coach will cancel the sessions, move players inside and contact parents (if a junior class) – make up sessions will be available

Just a gentle reminder to all of our players, parents and coaches:  This issue is one that we have never dealt with before and we may get some decisions wrong.  Safety is our number one priority as we know it is a long season ahead.  We do ask for your patience and understanding as there will be many people with their own procedures and opinions.  We hope that this Tennis Canberra smoke procedure makes things clear for everyone.  We will revise this procedure if needed.  We welcome any suggestions and feedback and we hope we do not need to use it for too long.