The Tennis CBR Autumn Series will allow players to compete at their convenience of time and location. It will run for 2 months.

Match Formats:

Super Set (first to ten games. Tie-break at 10-10 games)

Best of 3 Fast-4 sets (first to 4 games. Tie-break at 3-3 games)

Best of 3 sets (final set super tie breaker)


If you have any queries about these, do not hesitate to get in touch with Avi.

You can get in touch with your opponent via the UTR website and their messaging application on it. I suggest you check up on the website often. You will also receive an email when someone sends you a message. You can also request their mobile number from me.

The location and time of your match is decided upon discussion and agreement between you and your opponent. This is a great opportunity for players to explore the various clubs located around Canberra.

Once the match is complete, kindly send me your scores on the UTR messaging system or send me an email with your scores. It will be updated at the earliest convenience.

UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player’s last 30 eligible match scores from the last 12 months. For each eligible match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight; a player’s UTR is the weighted average of all the match ratings.

Actual Performance vs Expectation In every match, there is an expected outcome, based on the UTR difference between opponents. Let’s say you play an opponent with the following:

Same UTR: The algorithm would project that you win the same number of games as your opponent. If you win more games, then your rating will go up. Lower UTR: If the system expects you to win 6-2, 6-2 but you end up winning 6-1, 6-1, then your rating would go up. Higher UTR: If you are expected to lose 6-3, 6-3 but you lose 6-4, 6-4, your rating will go up. Your UTR will go up or down based on how you perform vs. expectation.

After one match result, you receive a projected UTR (P). After approximately five matches, the rating becomes reliable. Your UTR continues to update as more matches are added.

Compete Well – You can improve your UTR by winning more games than expected, regardless of whether you win or lose the match and whether you play higher- or lower-rated opponents. Compete well and try to win as many games as possible; this is the best way to improve your UTR.

Play Often – The more matches you play, the quicker your UTR will reflect your current form. It is also best to play against opponents who are close to your rating regardless of whether they are above or below you.

Be Patient – Since UTR is a rolling weighted average, the effect of new results is slightly lagged. Your UTR may take time to reflect a recent outcome.