Tennis CBR Cares: 70s Markus Gibson-Huck 70s Dinner Dance

Tennis CBR Cares: 70s Markus Gibson-Huck 70s Dinner Dance

Supporting the research and cure of type 1 diabetes. Many of us have friends that have type 1. We cannot relate to how they manage it however the support from the extended community goes along way.

The Tennis Canberra family demonstrated why we are more than a simple tennis academy. A handful of coaches, competition supervisors and friends got our boogie on for a good cause. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation better known as JDRF targets the well-being and the research of Type 1 diabetes.

For those that don’t understand the difference between Type 1 & 2 diabetes, Type 1 cannot be prevented and usually diagnosed at a young age. Type 2 diabetes is preventable however it has been more focal in the last decade as the rise obesity and poor lifestyle changes are the predominant reason for the rise of Type cbr care squre not really

Consequently, I believe more needs to be done in promoting the Type 1 disease as there is no cure and an answer through constant research and support would change the world of a kid with Type 1 and give parents who have to worry 24/7 some peace of mind.

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11414770_10152911512097513_1511323494_nOn behalf of the Tennis Canberra Family, I would like to personally thank and congratulate the JDRF Development Coordinator for the ACT & Regional NSW and Tennis Canberra friend Mel Eveille for a letting us be part of this fantastic event and letting us help your cause. We all had a great time and chuffed our donation of tennis lessons go for more than it’s worth in the silent auctioned. We are (Richie & I) over-the-moon with the signed Canberra Raiders Jersey too. Until next year!