The Return – Opting in for the 2020 Autumn Season

The Return – Opting in for the 2020 Autumn Season

Tennis Canberra players we are happy to announce tennis is slowly making its return and we cannot wait to welcome you back on court.  We thank everyone for their support over the last 5 months as COVID19 was the crescendo of bad luck. We have only just recovered from the smoke and hail earlier in 2020.

The hard work is not over and the transition on court will have teething issues. COVID19 has taken a hit on our team but we will work hard for the rest of the year to bring some positive energy back in our humble community.

Starting MONDAY MAY 25th small group lessons will take place with limited numbers.  Please read the information below and how to opt-in to use your credits in the Autumn Season.

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  2. Email

Information needed in E-mail: Examples (in Blue)

  • Full Contact Name: Roger Federer
  • Full Contact Players Names (Kids): Myla Rose Federer
  • Program Name: Day & Time registered Pre-Shutdown: Tuesday 4pm Level 2 @ Old Parliament House Tennis Club

Using the 2020 Autumn Timetable please add to the e-mail:

Return Session Preferences & Opting in option:

  • First preference (on return): Tuesday 4pm Junior Level 2 @ Yarralumla Tennis Club
  • Second preference (on return): Thursday 4pm Junior Level 2 @ Old Parliament House
  • Third preference (on return): Saturday 10:30am Junior Level 2 @ Old Parliament House
  • Opting-in Option 1: Use remaining credit only
  • Opting-in Option 2: Use credit plus invoice me for the rest of the 2020 Autumn Season (finishes August 23rd)

Can we please opt-in for Option 2:  Use credits plus invoice me for the rest of the 2020 Autumn Season.

Our team will return an e-mail confirming one of your preferences. Please note that initially our class sizes will be small.  As further restrictions lift we can start moving players around if a certain day/time/venue suits better.

Important note for WALK-TO-TENNIS: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM – Due to clubhouses remaining closed access to the bathroom is limited.  For this reason we cannot run our WALK-TO-TENNIS: AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS until clubhouses may open.  We welcome these players to join a junior program.

Insight into Tennis Canberra at present…

We are hoping all our players understand there is still many restrictions in place and barriers that we need to overcome.  Getting to where our academy was at Pre-Covid will take up to 24 months.  As there is a limit to the capacity we do ask players and parents to be as flexible as they can in regards to scheduling.

We are forecasting every single month of 2020 will see more options open up.  We will do our very best to make sure this information is passed on as this may help you scheduling your busy week.

Biggest changes post COVID-19 – Loss of coaches…

As you know our tennis coaches are a big factor in the number of sessions we can run and due to COVID-19 half our team have gone back to their home town and it is uncertain if they will return or when they will return.  Consequently, there will be some sessions that we will not be offered.

Not all clubs will open at the same time – limitations on service

As our coaches work with many tennis clubs around Canberra every club is their own entity and have their own situation.  We thank all our club volunteer committees for their hard work in they tough time.  Some class may allow us to restart lessons, some clubs may hold off lessons until further restrictions lift.

Competitions – Using Remaining Credits

Social Doubles & ACT Team Tennis

Due to the fact not all players are in Canberra, running the rest of the competition is almost impossible to co-ordinate.  The saving grace is that there was only 1 or 2 competition sessions left in the Summer Competition Season.  For this reason we are allowing players to use their credits for the following:

  • Old Parliament House Membership (if already a member you can use your credits for a friend to obtain a Membership).  Members can hire a court for FREE and play with other members
  • Use credits for the upcoming competition (competition dates will be announced once restriction levels allow larger gatherings)

Opt-in for a Old Parliament House Tennis Club Membership – E-mail expressing your interest to uptake a Old Parliament House Membership

Membership Options:

  • Adult Membership: $150 (not including credit)
  • Family Membership: $250 (not including credit)

For more information about member please CLICK HERE