Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

Tennis Canberra

Unlike any other Tennis Club… Join the fun

11903913_883452265076755_63423636873068596_nThe Summer of Tennis is around the corner and our team cannot wait to get out in the Sun for another term of coaching. Although there are many tennis academies around town we invite you to an environment that gives you an experience both on and off the court. Three-proud-years and Tennis Canberra is going from strength-to-strength. Apart from a coaching team that has both experience and credibility we do not limit our talents to the tennis court. As people and social beings we understand that our simple sport can be much bigger in a community-sense.

14368695_1116106181811361_1014145601209572017_nWe respect our fellow colleagues in the tennis industry and we know how hard it is to be a tennis coach however to their credit our humble coaches and extended tennis family have “bought in” and created a culture like no other.

It is a social club that have seen so many friendships transpire. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior or an adult playing for the first time, our welcoming environment and inclusion is the reason we’ve had success.

13925602_1080116275410352_1346104481882941886_oFrom weekly after tennis dinners, morning coffee club to community events we attend to help out our fellow man/woman we leave no stone un-turned. But don’t take my word for it come visit us, or even better participate in a lesson and join the incredible people we coach every week as them ask why Tennis Canberra is unlike any other tennis academy or club in Australia.

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The Tennis CBR Family Supporting their Coaches at a local Tennis Tournament – Biggest Crowd and by far the loudest supporters in the ACT
Catching up with some friends (and pro-tennis players) we grew up playing tennis with at the Aussie Open – Make friends for life!
Some of the Tennis CBR Coaches spending time off the court and enjoying each others company in Japan! We support each other on and off the court, it was great to see James (left) compete in the Osaka Triathlon!
Our Tennis Family attending the Annual Tennis ACT Awards. We are proud to attend these awards ever year and represent a chosen charity.